The Distance #1 - Overview, Strategies & Tips

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That is my overview for the Distance, along with a link to the first map. I'm only 9 missions in, but will keep adding to them as I get through them. I will post videos for every map until I inevitably die. I will try to add more info, but the videos should show what's coming in the maps I've played.

P.S. I don't think many people quite understand the best strategy for the Distance, but I think I have a great one to help you get as far as possible for more rewards. If you are using your worst survivors first, you probably aren't helping yourself.


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    I have posted 7 videos documenting my legitimate voyage through the Distance at the bottom of the link above. Sorry it's so long, it's a lot of me trying to figure out what Survivors to use. If I get time, I will try to cut them up before Saturday. At the very least, I will add images for each map. Overall impressions: kind of fun, but eventually it's pretty much just about how many survivors you have available to wrestle through maps.
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    #9 The Pit is insane!

    Went in with shooters and got 100% body shots.
    Went in with warriors and got instant grapple deaths.
    Went in with scouts to try and run through, but there is a locked gate on the far side.

    1-8 were pretty easy. Then there is this brick wall. HUGE jump in difficulty. The only thing I can think to try is come back when I have level 25 gear and maybe I won't get as many body shots.
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    Sadly, gear level won't change body shot rates.

    If it's the mission I'm thinking of, I took two tries to get through Pit. On the first try, I nearly opened the gate. On the second try, I ran three scouts through an empty room, finished opening the gate and left. Progress saves are cool.

    EDIT: Sorry, that was Arterial #10 I was thinking of, not the Pit. I can't really remember how I got through the Pit.
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    lvl21 done! One of my guild member did it and now we all know how to make it there.. ;)
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    > @Thrillzeeker said:
    > lvl21 done! One of my guild member did it and now we all know how to make it there.. ;)

    Now this is a strategi and tips tread so pls post some helsing tips? Thx
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    Here is an overview/guide for the Distance #1. It includes breakdowns of the maps, some strategies and tips, as well as videos to help you see the maps before you play them. Good luck tomorrow!
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    The Pit is a pain for me since my survivors are too low a level to be able to reliably kill at least one Armoured Walker per round. The map layout is really unforgiving as well since you are bound to get grabbed somewhere. Well done with the guide, hopefully the new Distance missions going forward will have less of a difficulty spike to them.
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    If you have Tara, use her as Leader from lvl 1-8. Your survivors will last longer thanks to her Healing Trait. Just make sure you use your Charged attacks wisely!