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Hey, NG!
I have noticed many members don't appreciate the signatures a lot of us are starting to use on these forums whether it be to look awesome or to help recruit for our respective guilds. I know there is the option to turn off all signatures by toggling it in the profile dashboard if you so please but I am wondering if we can control it from the other end also. Is it possible we can give the poster (the one with the signature) the ability to turn off their signature for certain posts at the time of posting?

So mine for example is mainly geared towards helping my guild recruit new members, which I find very helpful as it gives a link to my guilds recruitment topic. Now if I was posting in guild discussions then it would be very handy to have under all my posts. But if I am posting in say questions and suggestions, well then it just kinda goes down as "spam" underneath my post and takes up space on the topic.

So yes, it would be nice to be able to toggle the option of whether we want to use our signature from post to post.



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    Good question, I had signatures off for so long that it was annoying me that I had one that the signature was showing up, I even put a bug & issue report to find out it's not a sig but a picture of the sig.