Getting hammered on Influence

I'm sitting at just over 7000 influence. It's rare for me to get matched up with an opponent where I get over 10 influence if successful raid. When I get raided I end up losing well over 20 influence. How does that work?? People raiding me are at over 7000 influence too. I raid them and get 10...they raid me and get 24...25...26....
Am I missing something here?


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    Your loosing, let's say 25 influence when raided, this doesn't mean that the player who raided you got 25 influence.

    90% of the time you'll loose more influence when raided than you'll get when you raid.
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    The influence points you loose are not what the raider gains. They are most likely only getting the minimum 10 points too. But you will always loose more than 10 when you are in the upper tiers. Just like if you fail a raid you might loose up to 30 points but if you win you only get 10. I guess NG does this to keep the upper tiers more competitive.
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    I find my Outpost is attacked (whether or not successful) far less than I raid.
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    aaaahhh I see...don't like it but I get it now. thanks
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    I get hammered on Vodka.
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    I get hammered on Vodka.

    I get hammered by the vodka drinkers, I seem to raid a lot of Russian outposts at higher levels than me.