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In a drunken haze of sleeplessness I decided to upgrade EVERYTHING to Max.
As it is stats wise:
  • My overall level is 35.
  • Council lvl 12
  • Hospital lvl6
  • Radio Tent lvl6
  • Workshop lvl10
  • Training Grounds lvl12
  • Mission Car lvl6 (17 Gas Storage)
  • Memorial lvl1
  • 2 Tents lvl7
  • 5 Farm Plots lvl8
  • XP production per hr is 1100 and Max Storage is 300000
  • Supplies production per hour is 7000 and Max Storage is 1681500
Everything needs Council upgraded to level up further, but Council says coming soon.

I have 17/17 Slots and need 650 Gold to upgrade further (seems like upgrading Slots is infinite).

That said I have a really big question. Once I maxed my Supply what can I use it on and how can I spend it? Seems pointless now that they are all maxed....
I think they should make it to where supplies can be used to purchase Phones, Gas, or Weapons or something... as it stands I can't use them and see no purpose in them anymore until next update...

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    I'm not far behind you mate. You'll be able to upgrade further when the next update is released. If you look at some of the other buildings other than council, it shows that you will be able to / have to upgrade further for weapon and survivor upgrades. Good luck when the update hits...hopefully not too long now as I'm getting bored just doing exploration and challenge missions.
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    I am with you @Alibaba... I have the exact same issue. Everything is maxed out and I can't stand getting any more tomato cans that I can't use :neutral:
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    Although, I am not near where you guys are that is good information to have,

    Cheers for sharing.

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    "Coming soon" .... can't get here soon enough :p
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    Same here @Verbaub
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    The word 'soon' is being stretched quite a bit by now...
    How many users are sitting on maxed out camps and full food crates...?
    It is slowly getting boring, 10 players in our guild have stopped playing.
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    @Alibaba the max slot now is 20
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    you can clear junks with tomatoes.. i just hope you get something from junks like weapons, gold, radios, etc. for xp, you can upgrade newly found weapons especially if you found a high level legendary weapon.. but chances of finding one is very slim.. so i suggest to make another building where you can make a weapon of your choice (blacksmith). but you will need a raw material for this. So, where can you get raw material? you could get raw materials from scrapping weapons or from clearing junks. just a suggestion though. im still thinking how you can put traits with this blacksmithed weapons..
  • Alibaba
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    Thanks @canary good to know! Yea I already cleared all the junk :/

    Alibaba lvl49
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    Alibaba said:

    Once I maxed my Supply what can I use it on and how can I spend it? Seems pointless now that they are all maxed....

    +1 I've had my supplies tomato farms rotten for two weeks :D Within this time I've upgraded all sensible characters to lv13 and also all sensible equipment from lv12 to lv15 max. But now also they are fully leveled LOL.

    I also have not played food missions, only XP and deadly equipment.

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    Also sitting at maxed everything....for a while now....losing......interest
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