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So, with the one minute gas and not wanting to spend gold on speeding up upgrades, I chose to do equipment scavenge missions. Needless to say, this was the result.



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    Seriously though, sorry you didn't find what you were after.
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    Very clever. I don't need a meme, I was trying to be less than abrasive about my point. Equipment scavenge missions are a joke. They have been for quite some time. I will turn this on you @Fearofabotplanet, what motivation is there for you as a players (and I hope you do actually play the game) to spend 5 gas on a mission which only gives you xp on the kills. And then as a bonus, awards you very limited rewards?

    Edit: I am not talking about legendary equipment on every gold box revealed. I have found better equipment rewards on xp or supply scavenge missions than I have ever found in equipment missions. Just make equipment missions more attractive..
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    Equipment scavenge is like 10-radio special calls and service station sandwiches. You'll regret it.
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    I, unfortunately, have to agree. Over this entire weekend I ran mainly equipment scavenge missions and picked up maybe 1-2 5 star pieces of equipment. The vast majority of my gold crate rewards were 3 star equipment which, to me, seems a bit silly considering my level and the RSL of the missions. I know random number generator and all but still, hardly worth the effort.