Double supplies and Xp for passed rounds

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I'm really enjoying the round passes so far, and the double stars earned for passed rounds. Why don't we also get double tomatoes and XP for the same rounds passed? Is this a change that could be made? It's not really a big deal for end gamers who are likely maxed on tomatoes, but for those of us who are still at council level 16, it would be a big help towards progression and something that we actually would earn during those missions without round passes.


  • bumshoe
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    I like this idea because you can not opt out using token to skip levels in game. That and I can always more of all supplies.
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  • Jaden
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    I don't think this is going to happen - but the good thing is that we can use the gas we don't need to spend for the easier challenge rounds to either repeat the higher ones (instead of directly moving to a new round) or to go on scavenge missions (or do any other kind of missions, of course).

    So even if XP and supplies are not doubled, you still get the chance to earn all those rewards and don't actually lose anything.
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