What is the purpose of the cool down timer?

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Other than to waste an hour of my gas booster, and for that matter the money that I paid for it?

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  • Mystique
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    Because they want people to stay in the game longer, playing other modes and spending more money! If we all tap out in the challenge in a day, we wouldn’t spend money on fuel!
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    I literally did the entire challenge in one day (about 12 hours) on a gas booster, earning 6 round passes, last week. And that was with the cooldown. Can you imagine if I didn't have it, how fast it would have gone?
  • pradi
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    I hate cool down timer. There is no cool down time or free time on zombie apocalypses.
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    Hate and love the cool down timer

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  • ADPaq
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    Another cheap money grab tactic.
  • docfinzenburg
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    quoting myself from another thread:

    the countdown timer shall remind you of your real life and other things you might have to do except playing an addictive mobile game ;)

  • TJS
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    I always thought it was a warning my phone was getting too hot :#
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  • Nick37
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    Puts me off buying gas boosters, usually when I get the cool downs I have run out of gas anyway
  • OneVoice
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    one of the worlds greatest game design blunders ever. amen.
  • Steeboon
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    To make you play outposts during the cool down ;)