Which Scout and Hunter would you focus on?

Hello guys,
Which scout and hunter would you focus on? As for the hunter: i’ve invested quite a lot in Ken to make him Legendary and sadly his last trait is bullet dodge... do I keep training him or should I focus on someone else?
Same thing happened with my scout Buddy. Really liked him till I got bullet dodge...


  • tabernac
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    @MaxVE If I was going to start developing a new Hunter, that Hunter would absolutely need to have the Ruthless trait.
  • TJS
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    I agree with the above comment. I'd take Steve to Legendary to see that last trait, he's looking not bad atm.
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  • Tetator
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    Apparently your characters are still around level 14 which means you are still "pretty new" to the game. Let me thus take a step back.

    There are 3 categories of characters :
    - the one to scrap (because they are not good at all)
    - the one to invest in (because they are perfect to you)
    - the one to keep but not invest in (because you consider they are good but not as good).

    To be honest none of your characters listed above are not in the "to invest in" catégory ...
    I want a scout to have luck, avoid, strong, then Ruthless, iron skin ...
    i want a sniper to have marksman, Ruthless, then a combinaison of either luck dodge iron skin ...

    I strongly recommend NOT to invest in a character that is NOT on the "to invest list" because even if you think you need it today, you will regret it tomorrow because you will not have the tokens for the perfect character you just found.

    So that being said, looking at your scouts :
    - ken is in the "to scrap list". Not even worth keeping.
    - buddy is good to keep. Personnaly Bullet Dodge is a no go on a "to invest in" character. Buddy would be good for raid against other players and high DPS for distance. But luck is mandatory for a scout (to apply threat reduction and swift strike).

    As far as Hunter goes :
    - your 3 hunters are not bad. They all get marksman and few very good skills. None of them is "to invest in" tho. Bullet dodge is still a no go to me. And revenge also. Too risky with kaboom and I prefer other skills. Thus I would not invest in Steve because even if you discover a good 5th trait he will not be in my "to invest in" list ...
    So I would keep Ken as he is already at max level and 5 stars. But you will find much better in the futur so save your tokens. Scrap the other 2 to me ... wait for a combinaison of marksman ruthless , sure shot, luck dodge and iron skin.

    Hope this helps.