Crafting and scavenge buildings

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@Fearofabotplanet @Shteevie
I've been thinking about this for a little time and I think things can be improved. We have the two buildings and they are currently at lvl 1. You could make them upgradable and with that, increase fragment drops and the chance of crafting a better badge.

Scavenge building
With each level increase, the following applies.
1. Higher chance of finding better components. Less common and uncommon, more rare, epic and legendary.
2. Increased number of fragments found
3. Higher rarity of fragments found.

Give us 5 building upgrades with a 2-3% increase in finding better components and fragments. That would give us a 10 - 15% increase in our chances overall.

Getting a lower badge from crafting is a fact of life in the game. I don't have a problem with that. We are apprentice craftsmen so we have a lot to learn. But, like training our characters and upgrading our weapons, as time goes on, we get better at what we do. With that, allow us the ability to decrease the chance of crafting bad badges by leveling up our crafting building. A 2-3% chance increase per building level would help. Give us 5 building upgrades with a total increase of possibly 15% better chance at a better badge from components.

Crafting building
With each level, the following applies
1. Less chance of crafting a lower badge from components.
2. Higher chance of crafting a better badge from components.
3. Same chance of same level badge as components.

Along with the crafting building, give us the ability to combine lower level components to create higher level components. Possibly 5 uncommon to make 1 common, 5 common to make 1 rare, 5 rare to make 1 epic and 5 epic to 1 legendary. With this, it would take 625 uncommon to get 5 legendary components.

Also, allow us to combine fragments to make better fragments. Same thing, 5 of a lower to make a higher level fragment.

Of course, each transaction should cost some tomatoes. Maybe 10k - 20k per combination.

Just an idea that will hopefully help people get more out of crafting.


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    I really like this idea!!
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    We do have plans for upgrading the buildings to go along with other features that are on the to-do list. Glad to hear that there is interest for these elements to be expanded upon!
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