This is absolutely ridiculous!

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This is crazy. I understand that fragments are supposed to drop less frequently than components, but come on. This drop rate is completely out of balance. I should NEVER have enough components, for both epic and legendary, to craft 3 badges, with no fragments. And that doesn't even include all the rest of them. Something needs to change.

And the worst part is, I know I'm not the worst case. I know there's people out there with even more components than me just waiting to be crafted.

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  • enigma12
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    That’s not the only thing wrong with the badge system! I just wasted gold and blue badges to get a 6% health BR0WN BADGE! I never try to create badges unless I can get legendary and after over 600 badges, I have a lousy 2 legendary badges! The system SUCKS!
  • zeekdog
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    I’m in the opposite camp. Have the frags but but components are a problem. Except on legendary of course. Both frags and components are unicorns.
  • anthony172
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    Same here. I am very frustrated! I've been waiting for a legendary fragments but never appears. The only "good" fragments that i have had are the rare because i get them in The Distance
  • Governator
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    I craft badges at the first opportunity and it is clear the badge component drop rate is at least 20x higher than the badge fragments -- except for the Legendary Fragments. Those are hard to get, but I have to wait ages to get enough Legendary components to craft a badge. I learned the hard way to not use a Gold Fragment with Epic Components. I got a Rare badge as a result. It was as disappointing as Terminator Genisys. :disappointed:

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    I have been on a badge crafting strike for a few months now. The badge fragment drops compared to components is pathetic.

  • Steinar
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    Yes, with the badge system there are still some problems that have not been solved optimally. I am also frustrated every time the worst possible badge is made.

    I hope that in the future there will be adjustments to improve the whole system. So I don't really enjoy making new badges.

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  • ekimhclew
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    @Governator I would gladly trade you some of my gold components for a couple fragments. I can't believe you have so many
  • ekimhclew
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    Don't forget to craft that 1 star badge. You have a .00000001% chance of getting a 2 star badge. Can't miss out on those odds!
  • Governator
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    ekimhclew said:

    @Governator I would gladly trade you some of my gold components for a couple fragments. I can't believe you have so many

    This is why I'm hoping that the "Coming Soon" in the Crafting section will mean we can combine lower rarity components to make same-level fragments or higher-rarity components. Given the awful drop ratio, taking 6 components to make 1 fragment seems like something that will help reduce the inventory of these extra components. I would also love to see taking lower level fragments and components and making higher-rarity fragments and components. Maybe a 4-to-1 ration for that would be nice. Those who are hoarding will be rewarded.

    In any event, this cyborg killing machine can dream of the day we get that option... B)
  • Nick37
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    The whole badge system sucks big time and needs a major overhaul. Drop rate for fragments to components is way off, I have loads of fragments but can’t use them without the badge fragments, but the most frustrating and annoying thing is crafting, most of the time they come out lower value with just a few at same value and NONE of mine have ever come out at a higher value.
  • DrUnpleasant
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    Weirdly I have far more 3* and 4* badge fragments than components.

    One thing we can all agree on though, is that the % chance of creating a lower level badge is a terrible idea. I've even told my 5yr old daughter that Legendary Badges aren't real. Broke her heart.
  • still_here_74
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    Adding to what @Governator said, above:
    more like-components with the same level of badge fragment should guarantee a badge of that level.
    Variation should result from mixing different levels of components/ badge fragments.
    I am loath to craft more badges because of the disappointing results.
  • ADPaq
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    It is indeed a joke. I currently have 37 fragments (1 and 2 star) and 709 components . That is a ratio of 1:19.

    To date I have found a total of 221 badge fragments, none of which has been legendary.

    In total I have 194 badges, of which 19 are epic (9.8%).
  • DrUnpleasant
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    ADPaq said:

    To date I have found a total of 221 badge fragments, none of which has been legendary.

    Just as well, it would have resulted in an Epic anyway.

  • Tiddles
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    Making badges is almighty rip off, I only using all gold fragment & components I think once and only get epic, I make other all using same colour but it is always coming out lower and is no patern to what sorts you use, cloth or chemicals etc makes no sense.
    I have many components now but zero fragments.
    When getting badge stuff in boxes from missions should be option to scrap for Xp like all useless weapons
  • iamedge
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    I can deal with the rarity of fragments, but the downgrading of colors when crafting needs to go. It's pure stupidity.
    Also the fact that you can't preview a badge before equipping it, especially since the ridiculous 15 gold it costs, is a joke. How am I supposed to know what's better, ie +10% damage or +350 damage without a preview? You gotta spend gold just to equip and unequip then equip and potentially unequip again just to compare 2 badges.
  • Tiddles
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    Wow, I just get green badge fragment from golden crate so I make badge with ALL green pieces and I get brown health badge WTF.
    The whole badge concept should be fix very soon or better still get rid of. Very angry this makes me.
  • thisdoesfine
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    The biggest issue for me is the downgrade I constantly have happen. I have had an upgrade or 2 and my ONLY legendary badge is a result of an upgraded all epic craft ending as a legendary badge. All of my all legendary crafts have ended in epic badges, though.

    I doubt they'll "fix" it.
  • Gobold69
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    There “are”leg stuff? Lol
  • shaunatthepub
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    I find badges boring period. Flip-flopping back and forth through menus and staring at percentages isn't my idea of playing a game. It's like adding an itemized tax filing feature to Sims. :#
  • binzin
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    The whole badge system is stupid. There was no reason to implement a system where you have a good chance of getting a finished product that is not equal to the initial components.

    Even if I got more upgrades than downgrades, which believe you me I don't, it's still a stupid system to implement. It doesn't benefit the gamer or their company, it only serves as frustration to the player base.

    If I use green components I should get a green badge. Period.
  • binzin
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    > @iamedge said:
    > How am I supposed to know what's better, ie +10% damage or +350 damage without a preview? You gotta spend gold just to equip and unequip then equip and potentially unequip again just to compare 2 badges.

    This is also stupid. How do you implement a new system, with
    a way to customize stats but not actually have a way to view your stats??Seriously, who thought this was a good idea and who green-lighted this?? So much fail...