Chapter 12, Mission 4, There is threat.

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Hello, i noticed this small issue in Chapter 12, mission 4.
Game shows like its no threat mission (no threat bar at bottom of the screen), so i started to shot like crazy to just set a bomb. After 4-5 turns i heard typical "walkers incoming" sound and 8 16lvl walkers came out of nowhere and i got swarmed to death. Pleas make this more transparent next time.

(Like its not big deal, i will manage next time, but losing my three best men and 6 gasoline units for such a little thingy is not a really fun expirence )

(Okey, its just spawns them no matter what you do. Lost another three people .-. )


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    I know it might have been frustrating, but that’s by design. The Chapers in the story are for entertainment as well as educational of things you could see in other modes of the game.

    When you touched the lever you should have seen the display at the bottom warning that incoming walkers were on the way, like this:

    My best advise is anytime you have to blow something up, open a cargo container (hint), or unlock a door or fence, you should have all your people ready just in case.

    A perfect example is this weeks challenge map called Shelves.
    (Putting this in spoiler tag because some people like finding out on their own and I don’t want to ruin the surprise... if you want to see it, just click the Show button)

    When you touch the second shelf, The one in the middle, not as in the second on you touch, walkers will come out on both sides of you.

    Nothing warns you in many cases, that’s part of the challenge and the learning experience of the story modes. You have many many more surprises to come.

    I truly hope you enjoy it and take it as a learning lesson and not an affront. I try to always, if possible, have my other people ready to fire, ready to shoot, before activating anything.

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