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anyone upgrade this building yet? does it make a big difference in finding better components?


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    From my understanding it only affects Component shop purchases (the one's requiring the use of gold). It does help you find better components (based on the fact that common are removed from the possible outcomes) BUT this has no bearing on after mission crates or ANYWHERE else in the game.

    Scavenger upgrade is only beneficial for 2 reasons.

    1) You will eventually need enough BP's later updates... So you'll have to upgrade it eventually anyway
    2) You will benefit by common component/fragments no longer appearing in the component shop that uses gold.

    Everything else in the game stays the same. After mission crates, Film ads etc all the same rarity, no change.

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    Although I haven't upgrading the scavenge building, reading the notes it clearly mentions after mission crates along with the component offers in TG shop.
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    Quote from update notes;

    - Scavenger
    An upgrade to the Scavenger Building, which requires Council 23, will increase the chances of finding higher rarity Components in Mission Crates. Players with the upgraded Scavenger will also no longer find Common Components in the Components Shop.
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    I remember Kaz mentioned somewhere that it affects also after mission crates. By how much? Well, we won’t know till NG adds % for each of rarity of components