Which bruiser should I keep?

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I've had Andrew the longest, with Karen as my secondary. I just got Ruth.


  • sbf
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    Trait-wise only Ruth has my 3 non-negotiables for bruisers: iron skin, retaliate, punish. If you're running Sasha as leader at high levels you'll get more chances for charge points with the three attacks from normal attack (1), retaliate (2), punish (3). Power-strike is better than strong since bruisers don't move that much.

    Defensive stance is a wasted trait the way I play my bruiser--I badge her up with 3 iron skin and 3 health badges and she's a couple percentage points away from the 80% damage reduction cap, plus DS can get in the way of getting chances for charge points if you're not using an offensive attack on your turn.

    I'd badge up Ruth and wait for a more ideal bruiser to put your tokens in on.

    What I have: Iron skin, ruthless, punish, power strike, strong. An absolute monster.

    What I'd say to look for:
    Iron skin

    and then some combo of:
    power strike
    strong (at the bottom)

    wide range staff or hockey stick with *concussion* (like the free one we got)
    charging, luck, concussion

    gold stun resist, gold health. Possibly iron skin, dodge, or hazard suit
  • aaxt555
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    Should I scrap Karen or Andrew, or is Ruth not worth investing tokens in at all?
  • sbf
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    @aaxt555 I'd hold onto them for use in the distance and hold out for a better bruiser to put tokens into. I've got my 3 heroes, my main bruiser, and 2 other bruisers that have decent traits that are trained up for stunning on the distance. You've gotten close to a badass A-team bruiser, but ultimately it is worth the wait for the right one, especially if you don't use bruisers much and especially since tokens are harder to come by these days.
  • aaxt555
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    @sbf thank you!