IMO The show could end here, and I'd be happy. (SPOILERS GALORE)

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So, the show has been weak for a long time, in my opinion.

This season finale though, was basically a wrap-up of a major story, without real cliff hanger.

Negan cought and judged.
Carl visions done, his future might well come to be since Rick and Michonne are taking that path.
Everyone carries on living their lives, happily ever after... more or less. :)

The show tried to set up a next season though...
Maggy turning darker... feels totally out of character to me, so god do I NOT look forward to that, it's agonizing to see an intrinsicly good person turn dark like that.
And the show (and no tell) of a huge herd. That's obviously going to work out fine, they have walkers figured out. And boy, did Eugene man up these past eps and show he's on the right side of the fence with a big convincing bang! Now that heard it definitely going to be no problem.
So next season, no need.

Story is nice and wrapped up right now. Well, as nice and wrapped up as we'll ever see a TV series story get. I mean, this is better than the end of LOST. :D