Week(end) Event - April 25 - 29

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  • TJS
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    Thanks for sharing @OneLessTitan
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  • RoadRash
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    Is it double gas and double xp for 25th - 29th?

    If not what day would it be for?
  • msapaev
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    @RoadRash, I guess it's unlimited gas and 2*XP boost for one day of your choice from the period.
  • PigBenis
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    Better than the last WEAKend "event" at least. Now I can spend one day between Fri and Sat afternoon grinding and as soon as the distance is done, so am I. Unless...

    How about decreased distance resetting cost on Saturday to go along with this? You know we all want to see it happen. Give the people what they desire!
  • sbf
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    Any time we get a week of the 15 radio gold calls with double tokens, I couldn't care less what the weekend event is. I'll happily use the booster and if the right heroes show up I'll make my calls.
  • Governator
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    I would have liked a phone drop event to go with the free gas and xp boost. B)