When would everyone like to see the guild challenge started?

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Hey guys,
I have noticed a lot of talk on forums about next weeks guild challenge and would like to get a poll going to see what the communities opinion is and have it all in one place. Then @TK-421 or @Teeceezy can take a look and maybe it will help them make their decision.

Now myself personally would rather see them start it the following week on the usual Sunday at 11am eastern. That would give everyone the week to grind out deadly's to gear up their newly levelled up survivors. It would also give NG the time needed to fully develop and test their repair for this bug in the system that we are all experiencing this week.

I know some people look forward to the guild challenge every week and would rather it start sooner than later so if you feel that way then vote that way.

Let's make our voices heard on this topic guys, I feel this is something we can have a say in. Hope everyone is having a great day! Thanks for reading and hopefully voting! :)

- C_Lloyd

Ps. If I see multiple people commenting other options I will gladly add them to the poll. But I wanted to keep it more general so we get a wider showing for one over the other instead of 3 votes for this, 4 votes for this, 2 votes for another one, ect.

When would everyone like to see the guild challenge started? 32 votes

Suspend guild challenge till the next scheduled week
62% 20 votes
Start it on a new day when the update/bug patch is released
37% 12 votes


  • Jenny
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    I would recommend postponing until Sunday because I really do not think starting the challenge and releasing the patch in the same day allows enough time to work out any patch kinks.
  • zoson
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    Postpone until the MONDAY after so that the challenge starts and ends on days that make sense.
  • BigOleTDs
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    postpone until they actually fix all bugs in the game...
  • [Deleted User]
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    Definitely postpone and start next Sunday.

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  • Amiga
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    I would like to see challenge from Monday to Friday with 2 days for grinding.
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  • SlayerSect
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    As for the actual start date keep in mind that we are all in different time zones. For me it starts Midnight Sunday and I am already catching my ZZZ's.

    Regardless of when it starts, I would like to see a 2 day wait from the end of one challenge until the start of the next and had planned on making that as a suggestion....

    Sure many of us devout most of the week to the challenge for ourselves and or our guild, but it would be nice to have more time to do hard/nightmare missions as well as new eps.

    I wouldn't mind having the challenge delayed a week or until patch either just to change things up.

    Doing the same missions 15-20 times gets boring.

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  • Mirza
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    Would like every challenge to start on Monday and finish by Saturday.
  • AysatyoPet
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    would like the score to be RESET first before starting a new challenge.. even if it takes 2 weeks..

  • C_Lloyd
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    @AysatyoPet I'm not thinking that will happen.
    At the very most they may put the leaderboards on a calendar kinda like the guild scores and maybe do a monthly high score where the winner of each month gets put on a board and then it resets for the next month. But a lot of people have spent a sizable amount of money to be where they are on the leaderboards and would be quite upset if that were to change. Which would cause NG to potentially lose a lot of their best support. Because wether you like it or not, they need funding just like any company and that comes from the spending of money on their game, so the more someone spends the more they are appreciated usually and so they will do what they can to protect the best interests of the people paying to play. Unless you are completely new to online gaming, that is how each and every single game out there works and you should know that already.

    So yes. At most maybe it will end up as a caledered leaderboard but don't hold your breath.

    Now, back on topic as that's not really what this poll is about :p
  • AysatyoPet
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    @C_Lloyd im not sure what leaderboard are you talking about. The guild leader board is set for 2 weeks. any scores your guild gets beyond that 2 weeks is automatically erased. Except for the guild and personal profile where it tells how much you accumulated.. Or maybe you are talking about the individual leaderboard which has no time frame. it records everything you got from the time you started. which, i think, has no meaning at all because it doesnt really tell you who is the best, but rather who plays the longest. And because of this known bug that gives stars that you really didnt earn, both guild and individual leaderboards are now unrealiable. That is why we need a reset to be fair to all. If you are really that good, why would you be upset? what is the prevelege of being on top? bragging rights? Can you still brag despite everyone knows that there has been a bug? even if you didnt do the exploit, without reseting the scores, no one will believe in the individual leaderboard anymore. But if you are really that good, you won't mind resetting the scores because getting on top will be easy for you. Because no one will have an advantage like they do now with the bugs..

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  • C_Lloyd
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    @AysatyoPet You want to reset the guild Leaderboards? They will be reset on their own in 2 weeks anyways... and with the guild challenge possibly being delayed a week, this weeks score will only carry over for 1 week into the next challenge anyways so im not to worried about guild leaderboards and I dont think anyone else is because of that fact. I feel most are upset about the individual leaderboards which is why thats the ones I was talking about :) But you're right, they are a lot to do with who's been playing the longest and also who spends the most so idk why people get so worked up over those also but hey, people have their opinions and they are allowed to express them :)
  • Bluboy
    Bluboy Member Posts: 15
    Leaderboards were unreliable before due to exploits. Now they are completely pointless due to the latest bug! Individual board should run on a fortnightly or monthly basis similar to guild boards, this way any future exploit or bug would have less long term impact, Anyone who would be upset with that is deluded if they think the current individual leaderboard is any kind of measure of skill. It simply shows who has exploited the best or had the most luck due to the latest bug! Just saying.
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  • TheCheese
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    @Teeceezy @TK-421 They want a week off getting stars because they are looking to use the glitch you are busy fixing.
    Just look at the guilds who are in this thread trying to further abuse the glitch lol.
  • C_Lloyd
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    As much as the Monday-Friday thing sounds awesome, I know several players who don't get much play time during the week because of work/family time so they do the majority of their star collecting for their guild on the weekend (saturday for most). Currently It allows people at least 1 day on the weekend to partake which I think is good.

    I agree that it is definitely a plausible idea to have it run on a monthly cycle with maybe a hall of fame or something for the top 10 each month? Would still give everyone something to strive for over the course of the month other than just inner guild competition and gold boxes.

    Hello, @TheCheese

    I noticed you're a new account created just to troll the forums, based on all your posts since you created your account an hour ago. Valiant effort, sir.
    Im not sure I or anyone fully understands what you're saying as wouldn't the main reason of a guild be to partake in the guild challenge and consume as many stars as possible? So wouldn't taking a week off from the challenge be counter productive of that? I just like everyone else would like to see this challenge bug removed so we can all move on and get past all the belly aching that has been going on these last 48 hours or whatever its been. So if NG suspends the challenge until such time as a repair has been made then wouldn't that benefit all the guilds?

    This thread is clearly made as a constructive poll discussing when the Guild Weekly Star Challenge may be reinstated AFTER the update has been released thus inserting a fix to this recent issue. So can we please stay on topic? If you have issues with bug abuse please take it to another topic in the appropriate section of the forums.

    Ps. The Mods have already been tagged in this in the original post, there is no need to tag them again. They will see it in the morning either way.
  • TheCheese
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    Your guild is shameful. First you were all upset about exploits to the point where some of you were quitting. So you do the very thing that you were all against in the first place?
    Way to go.
    If you want your guild to take a week off, then do it. Like you said.....it will reset in 2 weeks anyway. You don't need the devs permission.
  • Putchuco
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    A ) Delay any challenge until a version with an exploit fix is deployed and working
    B ) Move Start of weekly challenge to Monday evening, ending on Saturday, possibly even Friday, giving us the weekend for explore missions and IRL.
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  • AysatyoPet
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    I smell grimey here..

  • Amiga
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    Wipe whole GUILD LEADERBOARD - only one sensible solution.
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  • Nathaniel
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    I would prefer they continue to start Sunday morning. fyi I live in the Eastern Standard Timezone US . this allows me my off day to put in work on challenges and then the workweek to grind out the more difficult/high gas challenges. also a little time Saturday morn to finish up. lol so for purely selfish reasons I would like the start/ stops to stay the same
  • Annette578
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    @AysatyoPet ,
    I had to look around twice, I smell it too! Here we go again! :#
  • Logan2788
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    I say leave the start and finish times the same. A lot of the people who play have work/school during the week, so the weekend is the best time for most people to earn the most stars and then can pick up a few here and there throughout the week. Also, I agree that the leader boards should all be reset, the glitch/exploit has made them unreliable. So that's my opinion and if you don't like it, that's your opinion and who cares.
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