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Early this week I woke around 6am and while out on my balcony I could hear what sounded like a kitten crying.
It's nothing too usual so I didn't take much notice.

Later in the morning I could still hear the kitten but couldn't see anything so again I just trying to ignore it.

Around noon I could still hear this kitten so I went to investigate. Once out on the street I couldn't hear it. I went back down about half an hour later but again couldn't hear anything. I put it in the back of my mind and went about my usual daily routine.

This changed as earlier into the afternoon I once again could hear this kitten which made me grow concerned, something was odd about this. I went back onto the street to investigate.

Once on the street I could this time clearly hear the kitten and it was obvious it was coming from under a nearby parked car. I crawled around and under the car but could not see the kitten. It was then it became obvious this kitten was in fact trapped under the bonnet of this car and had no way to get out.

I was rather frustrated as I attempted serval times to un-latch the bonnet with no success. The day was quite warm and the car in full sun. I truly feared the cat would not survive.

I asked serval neighbors to try to find the owner but again with no success. I had little choice but to leave a note on the car's window and hope the owner would come back soon.

I pretty much stayed on the balcony the rest of the day, waiting for the owner and making a couple more attempts to open the bonnet myself.

Around 6pm the owner finally appeared and I rushed down stairs fearing he might not see my note and start the car.

Finally we opened the bonnet to find this tiny kitten. Totally in fear, with the appearance of a wild beast the kitten attacked me while I pulled her from the engine bay. Tearing into my hand, my blood flowed but I held her tight and tried to comfort her.

She's only a few weeks old and I am having to feed her milk with a syringe. I've adopted her and named her 'Bonnet'.

So if you've been wondering why I've not been as active on the forum this week, you now know why. :smile:

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    DoTak said:

    When you say you're feeding her milk, do you mean a kitten formula?

    thanks @DoTak , overlooked that

    @TJS maybe this will be helpful for a new parent of a child with fur :)


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    Just a hint of caution: Be careful with the dry food. Actually, I don't feed it anymore. Cats need the moisture from their food because they usually don't drink much (some don't drink water at all). Dry food may lead to dehydration which then may result in kidney problems. Lost a cat at the young age of 8 because his kidneys failed. He didn't eat anything but dry food and I didn't know better.
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    @Jaden I'm so sorry to hear that about sweet kitty, but I disagree about the wet versus dry food at least in the last 20 years...my nineteen year old senior kitty has only ever eaten dry food.
    Again so so sorry for your loss and words are never enough...but the fact that it was dry food more than likely didn't cause his kidney failure, but I absolutely believe that you have the right not use dry food anymore.

    The nutritional value in the last over 20 years as brought wet and dry food to almost equal.

    I would suggest maybe leave out some dry to go with the wet diet for their teeth.
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    Thanks. :)

    Yeah... it was hard. And that's why I am a little passionate about the whole "dry food thing".

    There are several factors, of course, and not every cat is going to have the same health problems. Some may live to an old age even though they only eat dry food. For others it may result in early death. Much like it is for humans - some smoke 2 packages of cigarettes a day and eat only unhealthy food and live to be 90, others eat well, exercise daily, don't smoke and don't drink... and drop dead at 40.

    Female cats have a lower risk of developing blockages from urinary crystals that may form due to dehydration from eating only (or too much) dry food - their urethra is wider. But there is still a risk, especially if they only get dry food and no wet food at all.

    The biggest problem about the dry food is the lack of water, even in the expensive ones (we gave him high quality dry food since we believed it would be fine but he had urinary crystals and undetected chronic kidney failure that lead to a complete failure when he needed to have the crystals removed because there was a complete blockage).


    Nutrition was not the problem for our cat, it was a combination of factors - and the benefit of dry food regarding the health of the teeth is highly debated, too. It might not actually do the cats any good.


    The best thing for dental health would be some raw meat that they really need to chew, maybe even a chick.

    I'm happy that your senior is doing well and I would not change the diet at that age and seeing there are no health problems... but yeah, just thought I'd share the information with everyone (and @TJS as a new cat owner).

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    Congratulations @TJS
    I'll add something not pretty to all the things going on in your new fur baby daddy head
    I lost my cat at 12 yo due to late detection of FIV (yes it's the cat version of HIV, it's not harmful to humans)
    It's not a required test and I have never heard of such illness before (I too took my baby as a baby from the streets)
    Vets said that he could've been born with it or infected
    Cats can live long and normal (some shots and a good diet) life if it's diagnosed early
    I was contemplating to PM this to you, but decided that my loss may help others to be more prepared and give their kittens a fighting chance
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    @THCross so sorry for your loss, but thanks for sharing as it is a simple test and should be given to every kitty with their first vet visit!
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    @TJS saving the world, one kitten at a time!!

    You sir, are an amazing soul!
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    Checking in, looking for an update on Bonnet

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    I’ve been crazy busy with work and haven’t been on the forums much myself recently. Thus, just seeing this thread for the first time. Truly an amazing act of heroism and humanity that we don’t see enough of these days. AWESOME story, @TJS!!! Best of luck with your new best buddy!!
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    Update pic on Bonnet pls, I think this forum needs it. 🙂
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    Bonnet is doing awesome! She's loving life & enjoys exploring her new environment. I discovered a rolled up piece of paper has more value as a cat toy than a $2 plastic ball. LOL!

    Bonnet has become especially fond of me, she often wants to sleep basically on my neck, as close to me as she can possibly get. Often she'll climb up just to rub her chin on my beard. LOL!
    She has some strange positions for sleeping, I call this one 'frog legs'. LOL!

    She's not sure what I'm doing on my phone when I'm playing NML but she often watches the screen with some interest. A couple of times she's spotted something, swiped the screen and moved a survivor into the worst positions. I guess she needs more practice. Often when I'm not playing she'll play with my phone, trying to bite the sides and sometimes removing it from charge.
    I found a couple of silly apps for cat, bugs crossing the screen etc., she likes those so maybe it's her way of training for better game play with NML. :smiley:
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    @TJS try just a shoelace/shoestring B) <3 <3 B)
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    Yes. That was something she first discovered. I now leave my shoes under the table as she is always enjoying trying to destroy them. :smile:
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    I have several tied together and swirl them around and run with it so she can chase. She loves it more than the $20. wands. My very first kitty loved swatting things under stuff, like keys, pencils, pins, etc. under the couch...

    They are all hilarious and so much fun and absolutely different when it comes to their play toys of choice :p