What's your favourite food...?



  • Jenng
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    Done and done. :p spoiler alert: I lick it and it’s mine.
  • JimiFaith
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    I guess that's true... we don't want to start something we can't finish... ;)

    Well somebody picked my sweet tooth...

    I guess I'll share this while I wait for that waffle shipping...

    Want that pan now...

    Some alternate recipe:

    A little backstory to converse while eating some:
    I mean imagine if you make someone some waffles AND you also know some waffle history... that person's going to be like...waffle jackpot... watafflebulous person...

    The word waffle, comes from Frankish (which was the spoken language during medieval Europe in the Western Roman Empire), "Wafla". It means honeycomb, or cake...
    Imagine you are in medieval times and you come out with something yum as this... it is GOING to spread right...? well it wasn't that trendy...
    Apparently they come from a simple communion-like, water and flour bread, that was made on iron molds containing images such as Jesus crucifixion, or biblical sings and that sort of stuff...
    It wasn't till 11th century, that the crusades caused new ingredients to arrive and add a little flavor... however, it's very probable that local honey was already used by that time... I mean it was water and flour, of course you're gonna add something...
    Wine was also used like a base ingredient... again, please some flavor please Jesus...
    It became so popular that warriors ate them before battle to give them strength and courage...
    Ok I made that one up... but maybe is not entirely wrong...

    The FIRST known waffle recipe was penned in an anonymous manuscript, "Le Ménagier de Paris", in 14th century, written by a husband as a set of instructions to his young wife...
    In the 16th the SECOND, this time Dutch, recipe of waffles showed up... already containing sugar and molding into something sweeter... during that time the waffles were rectangular, forming a 12x7 grid...
    The THIRD recipe came from Belgium during 16th and 17th centuries... it was the first one to use beer yeast, also already contained warm cream, fresh melted butter, and ten or twelve egg yolks. Until this time, no recipes contained leavening...
    Groote Wafelen, in its use of leavening, was the genesis of contemporary waffles and validates the use of deeper irons...

    When that's your last name it's pretty clear what's your goal in the world... He was GROOT... e Wafelen...

    Well that's all folks... If you scared your date away with this facts you used them wrong... :p
  • Jenng
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    Oops. I did it again. 😋

  • JimiFaith
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    That looks BOMB... :p
    How curious... I was gonna share these pics a couple hours ago... but I remembered the diet and said no... she's gonna throw a chair at me...

    but come on... I saw the flexing pic in the spoiler thread the other day I mean... look at that armmm...!  :# you DESERVE it...!!

  • JimiFaith
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    I feel like I'm about to wake up the Kraken... what ever happened to @freedydaddy ...?

    I'm gonna make some pizza... any ideas/recommendations to try out...?
    What's your favourite pizza...?
    The thought of the Heineken six pack and all the fingerfood I'm gonna get is making me...
    Is there anything better...?

    I think I know why I wasn't born in the U.S.... I wouldn't be skinny... or probably something like Matt Stonie...


  • QueenOTD
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    I'm Romanian and we have a traditional dish called mămăligă cu brânză 😬 that's boiled corn flour with cheese. Delicious! 
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  • JimiFaith
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    :o I would like to see that  @QueenOTD

    I turned 30 this year, and as a part of the celebration I ate a batch of pancakes... you know the classic pile... where I'm from that's not a common thing...
    We make them slimmer and roll them... because... that's just how we roll... sorry I had to say it... and they end up like these...

    I must say... I feel like I'm on the other side now... :|

  • Nitanenn
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    I have a few of my favorite foods:
    Soupe à l’oignon

    This is a traditional French soup made of onions and beef stock, usually served with croutons and melted cheese on top. The soup’s origin can be traced as far back as the Romans – it was typically a poor dish – although the current version dates from the 18th century. The remarkable taste in French onion soup is from the caramelization of the onions, to which sometimes brandy or sherry is added at the end of the slow-cooking process. The liquid is typically meat stock, although variations include using just water, adding milk, or thickening it with eggs or flour.

    For another popular French soup, try the traditional fishermen’s soup de Poisson à la rouille from Marseille, characterized by a dollop of garlic and saffron mayonnaise (rouille) on top.

    Beef bourguignon

    Boeuf bourguignon is a traditional French meal that has become internationally well-known. Coming from the same region as coq au vin – Burgundy (or in French, Bourgogne) in eastern France – beef bourguignon has several similarities. The dish is a stew made of beef braised in red wine, beef broth, and seasoned with garlic, pearl onions, fresh herbs, and mushrooms. This recipe is just one example of how traditional peasant dishes have been adopted into haute cuisine; the method of slowly simmering beef in wine was likely developed to tenderize tough (or cheap) cuts of meat. Traditional preparation time is two days to tenderize the meat and intensify the flavors. In Burgundy in late August, the Fête du Charolais (in French) celebrates the prized Charolais beef with music, meat, and bœuf bourguignon.

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  • JimiFaith
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    That sounds nice... liked the historic part, of course lots of dishes back then started really simple, but there's perfection in simple things too... specially soups have like a culinary magic... lots of herbs and things you can add in the water that can take you to different places around the world...
    And the comforting act of sitting down and look at a hot, steaming plate of soup...
    Are you french...?
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