best traits for warriors

hello.i found this two twins in one call.i like elsie because she can stand in the front line waiting for attacks.debby is a bit more offensive.
now my question to powerstrike...warriors have an aditional attack after a special power strike activated on this second attack,when staying in the same position?i would like to charge elsie, move her to walkers,do the chargeattack and then attack with the second attack from the same place.


  • Cronus
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    It’s hands down uncleoscar. Maybe would sub lucky or even dodge for strong but he’s got the best warrior traits. Pretty sure power strike does not engage after charges attack. Don’t believe it does with swift strike for scouts either. Many moons ago there’s a thread about this and if I remember people were asking for a fix.
  • crambert_nec
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    From what I understand, PS can trigger after a warrior charge attack or a SS if you still have not moved the entire turn. I could be wrong though.
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  • WellyLuga
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    Yeah if you don't move on the first turn and power strike triggers, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't trigger on the 2nd if you don't move then either.

    As for your warriors I agree UncleOscar is your best warrior. It's tough to say what the best traits are as I'm a bit greedy with warriors/scouts. Power strike, ruthless, strong, iron skin, dodge, lucky and retaliate are the main traits. If NG could gift me a warrior with those 7 that would be great...

    IMO retaliate is the only must have trait since it can't be made up with badges/gear like the others can.