Forum Wall of Flame 🔥 ( not to be confused with a legitimate competition)

Jenng Member Posts: 3,361 ✭✭✭✭✭

So I’ve decided along with several vague acquaintances to do a NML Forum of fame

We’ll have a super legit committee that’ll consist of

20 banned members
+ 1 teenager
+ 3 CPW members
+ Fragzie ( for balance)
+ 2 with the most disagrees
+Uncle Bob

They’ll each come up with 3 names of forum members, past or present, noobs or salty veterans who have a post count of more than “y” less than “x” ( x and y to be determined at a later date by Uncle Bob or some other mathy/semi sketchy SOB) and send those names to me in a super secret ballet written on kcups. I’ll totally type those names in Microsoft word and the top 10 will be pm’d to the forumer of my choosing. If they decide to go public then the winners will get a delightful badge

And 1 get out of jail coupon ( not endorsed by NG)