How to count BP

I had a question is: How to know how many BP plus when I upgrade 1 building?


  • SlayerSect
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    I am not sure how much you get for each building/upgrade, but if you click on your level in the upper left corner it will show you your current BP count and how many you need for the next lvl.

    So if you want you could take notes and do the math to figure it out.

    I haven't done this so far, but I am going to start to pay more attention to it.

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  • ray
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    It doesn't really matter to be honest, level is only a number that holds no significance as far as I'm aware.
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  • hhmcameron
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    Level limits the council

    Council limits every other building...

    Level quite significant
  • Vietnam
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    Your level very important!!!

    Reach target level -> You can upgrade council soon, then build more farm -> Upgrade another building faster!
    May be more reward after finish deadly mission, its depend on your level (???)
    Upgrade training faster -> Kill more high level walkers in challenge & earn more stars.

    Therefore, I'll upgrade only necessary building first. then training to level up my team. And earn more & more reward.

    Please help us know how to counting BP.
    I'd tried to count before, but it's not correct. May be smth wrong
  • GlassDeviant
    GlassDeviant Member Posts: 39 can't upgrade your Council beyond level 12 now anyway, so we're back to BP being unimportant, just know that you want to upgrade your buildings as much as possible for their intrinsic value (i.e. Farm = more and faster supplies, tents = more and faster free XP, hospital = faster healing and more survivors healed at the same time) and you will get your levels fast enough to not have to worry about the requirements for Council upgrades.

    What I generally do is see what is the cheapest upgrade and do that one first, and just keep going on that way until the Council becomes the cheapest. Usually by that time I have enough levels/BP to be able to upgrade the Council.
  • zoson
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    nobody needs to upgrade their hospital past level 3 until everything else is maxed out really... Unless you constantly let your survivors get injured.
    Upgrade supplies only as needed to upgrade other buildings.

    The only reason to go against this if you council rush, which I feel decreases the enjoyability of the game, since you're just waiting on upgrades constantly.
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