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As part of "NML Hall fo Fame", I proudly present you one of the nominated players:

"I'm Colin and I'm 28 years old. I work as a freelance musician and music teacher around the Chicagoland area in the United States.

My gamer tag is basically just a play on my full name.

I got started playing NML about a week or two after it was released in the fall of 2015. I had seen the commercials on TV for it and was bored one day with a lot of time to kill so I thought "Why not? Let's download this" and I got hooked pretty quickly and have been playing ever since.

I've basically stuck with the same guild ever since joining one. I joined my first guild after playing on my own for a few months and that was called Necropolis. Started off really small but we built it up to be a pretty consistent Top 25 US guild. We probably lasted a year and a half until, funny story, the leader had a complete meltdown. I started beating him every week and that apparently pissed him off. One day we all woke up right after a challenge ended to find out we were no longer in a guild. He had kicked us all, but then started spreading a rumor that I was hacking the game and got the entire guild banned. Couldn't handle losing, apparently. Thankfully we all used the Line app and had a group chat so we met up there, all realized he was full of shit, and started a new guild called Rise or Die which I led. After a year or so, it became too hard as a solo guild to keep recruiting new members, so we ended up joining the Watch Tower Alliance after I had met a bunch of their members through various Line chats. So I currently lead WATCH TOWER RoD. About half of our members have been around since the Necropolis days so it's almost like I've played in the same guild this whole time.

I would probably have to say my most memorable NML moment was when I finally cracked the global leaderboard.

My three favorite survivors would have to be Sasha, HankTheTank, and Firecrotch. Sasha because, well, we all know why. She was also my first survivor that I acquired a fully matching legendary badge set for. There's hardly a level where I don't use her. HankTheTank is a fricken beast, just check out that health! With the damage reduction and health badges I have on him plus hazard suit armor and the dodge trait, this dude can take MANY hits before he even gets close to red. I use him to soak up the hits at high levels while my others shoot from afar. The punish/retaliate combo when paired with Sasha as a leader means he gets charged almost every turn. Firecrotch is just an offensive powerhouse. She's newer than my others so I'm still building her up, but her trait and badge combos means she packs one helluva punch with her charge attacks!

Just wanted to say that when I found out that I was nominated for the NML Hall of Fame I was quite pleasantly surprised. I feel very honored that many players consider me worthy of this title, but I could also name dozens of legendary players who I personally think are more deserving of it, many of which I straight up learned how to play this game from. I have fun playing NML and I enjoy helping others through videos, strategies, and explanations of the game mechanics, so it's nice to know that my contributions are being recognized. Thanks all!"