NML Hall of Fame - WeekOne

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As part of "NML Hall fo Fame", I proudly present you one of the nominated players: WeekOne!

"Hi everyone!

My name it Tammy.... I’m 49 years old, was born in Ontario, and moved to New Brunswick when I was 5 years old. I currently live in Dieppe, NB.

I’m a retired real estate professional, married 22 years, no children, and have two shitzu’s: Molly & Hunter!

I love travelling, am an absolute animal lover, and loyal player of TWD:NML!

WeekOne nickname was a mistake but the name grew on me. Basically, I since I’m not a ‘regular gamer’, I thought I was naming the challenge week so I gave it Week One and thought I was going to be able to rename my weeks. Anyway…. When we had the opportunity to change our in-game nickname once, I asked my guild mates if I should change my name and the answer was NO so I kept it. WeekOne, to me, means she is a survivor who has survived the NML Apocalypse since Week One.

I saw a cool commercial during the Season Premier of TWD when the game was officially launched. I downloaded it immediately and have been playing ever since. I absolutely love the game. At that time I joined a guild name STARS, started advertising that we were looking for more members on Facebook, then found the forum and continued advertising there. I eventually gathered enough players and became extremely competitive with a guild called SOCO. Then one day, the leader of SOCO and I decided to both leave our guilds to create our own. We had made that decision because we had a lot of respect for each other and wanted a fresh start, so we created CONQUER where I was the leader/founder. If I’m not mistaken CONQUER grabbed the #1 spot globally within 1-2 weeks and we remained there for quite some time [I don’t remember exact dates]. The CONQUER Guild Family played hard and we were known as being one of the great guilds of NML at that time. We held the #1 rank for a very long time and I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished during our reign. In March of this year I believe, I chatted with members of my guild family indicating I was tired and couldn’t continue managing CONQUER so we set out to find a new home/community and I am extremely proud to say we now the MAVERICKS of NML.

I used to be a competitive player and have slowed down as to not burn out. My favourite game mode right now is The Distance.

Creating the CONQUER Guild Family. One of my goals was to lead a competitive guild. We did extremely well. I will never forget what we accomplished together as a team and will be forever grateful to my fellow guild members/family.

My favorite characters are Sasha, Aaron and Abraham. Sasha… I don’t like playing with a china doll so she needs to be able to take some hits if I’m going to truly enjoy playing with her so you will notice that I have some Damage Reduction badges on her. Aaron... I use him a lot in The Distance for our last maps and I love Teamwork trait! Abraham... He’s one of my favourite characters in the show so I will always play with him. He’s a tank but I also have other tanks in my camp.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers for creating this beautiful initiative. I’m honoured to be considered part of the hall and thank everyone who voted or recommended me.

I also want to congratulate everyone who have been nominated.

Keep up the good work!

- WeekOne ♥️"