NML Hall of Fame - Tatyanne

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As part of "NML Hall fo Fame", I proudly present you one of the nominated players: Tatyanne!


Hi there! ;)

I’m Tatyanne (yeah, that’s my real name, not only my ign) and I’m 38 years old. I am a Orthodontist and have a small business in Natal, Brazil.

I didn’t know what ign to use, I’ve never played online before NML, so I sticked to my real name. A Brazilian derivation of Russian’s name origin Tatiana.

I’m a huge fan of the tv show. I had a lot of free time back then, when the game was released in October 2015, and the sponsored Ad of NML kept showing in my Facebook timeline. So I decided to give it a try, and I have never stopped playing since then.

My first guild was the one I created, Carol Molotov. I played alone for while, then players from all around the world started joining. But only casual players. We were small. 4 months later I was recruited to join a top 5 Brazilian guild, MDF, spent 6 months over there, then I was recruited again to go to Portugal #1 guild Bloodbath. I did want to go to a global guild, but didn’t want to leave my friends behind, most of them didn’t know how to speak English and thought they weren’t prepared to take the next step. Until Troublemaker recruited us to go to Conquer. I loved my time in Conquer, great people, great friends. I joined the superguild a couple of times, then we all moved to Mavericks. Where I met more nice people. And where I intend to stay. ;)

My most memorable moment was when I made it to Brazil’s leaderboard #1.

My favorites survivors would have to be my first pinkies. I’m kind of old school. I got then way back then, when they were considered “perfect”. They are the reason of the majority of my stars. Bailey, Shepherd and Ellis.

Bailey is a killer machine. Usually Sasha + Bailey + Shepherd take me all the way through the challenges. And Ellis, well, when I use her with Michonne and Jesus, she can sure do the deed.
When the new traits came, and everyone were in a frenzy for revenge and ruthless, I was not ready to let go of my perfect three. And I don’t regret.

When I found out that I was nominated to the NML Hall of Fame I was so surprised and honored. So many years dedicating my life to this game and this community, I don’t have words to express the feelings I felt. Even though I’m not active on the Forum, it doesn’t mean I didn’t read it, and it doesn’t make me less of a player. I’m just a shy person. Love you all. And thanks again!