badge handling

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At the current state handling of badges is far from optimal.

There were many suggestions to improve the selection process, eliminate flat badges, etc. but there are also difficulties with scrapping badge items.
Many of the players are with full badge inventory therefore it is needed to scrap some weak badges to release space for new ones. The problem is when you enter to "scrap mode" (tapping the trash bin) the "XP 9000" label covers the condition part of the badge and it isn't possible to identify the proper badge to delete. This label should be eliminate (keep only the "equipped" label) or make it transparent or decrease its size.

It would be more user friendly to get an insta-scrap button at crafting (similar to equipment coming from chests). Especially crafting from 1*, 2* items the result is mostly a crappy badge. So why is needed to let these store in the inventory, go to the Badges tab, try to find them somewhere at the bottom of the list and scrap. It is really over-complicated..

So, @Kaz , @Bonaqua are there any improvements targeted badge handling on the way?


  • Bonaqua
    Bonaqua Member Posts: 53
    There's no tweaks or improvements to the handling of badges in the pipeline right now, but I'll be sure to pass this feedback on.