FTWD is getting idiotic

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I love the show. I started loving it much more than TWD but now the writing is getting stupid.

1) The Swat van runs out of diesel and they have to abandon it for a while. Lock up the truck before you go so that no one can come along and mess with it. She loves that van so much that they just walk off leaving the keys in the ignition and the doors open for someone to mess with your precious video tapes and maybe take the van itself.

2) Someone does find the van and reports over the radio that he "found some diesel gas". In the middle of nowhere he finds some diesel. He must have found a diesel gas tree. How lucky for him.

4) After she attacks the big rig in the Swat van, they actually shoot her partially and she falls to the floor. Instead of going over and securing the van, they all just hang out 30 feet away allowing her to get up, shut the door and drive off.

5) Her whole thing is that no one stopped to help her and her husband and that's why she's so against help now. That guy who was impaled in the car was beyond help. It wouldn't have mattered if a fully stocked ambulance came to help, that guy was not going to make it period. Then she buries him with her bare hands and somehow unimpales him and is strong enough to drag him off

The writers are getting silly. Writing stupid things into the show to further their ridiculous scrip. This is crap.


  • marie1980
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    100% agree with you,it's such a shame,season 3 was amazing i enjoyed it just as much as TWD. This season is awful,first half for the major character deaths and second half has turned into a joke,it feels more like Z-nation now,to many unfunny jokes.The villain is just not believable at all,her acting is terrible, think Lenny James made a big mistake crossing over I hope he returns to the main show where he belongs.
  • Tommy78
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    Every car they jump on just automatically has a good battery and an alarm ready to distract? Come on! It's too stupid. And they let that woman escape again. It's too stupid.
  • marie1980
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    They just happen to find a truck with a ladder,then Morgan turned into super Morgan to get on it,OMG can't take it anymore, might as well watch finale though lol.
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    If you guys hate the show so much, you could always, you know, not watch it anymore
  • marie1980
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    ekimhclew said:

    If you guys hate the show so much, you could always, you know, not watch it anymore

    Thanks I hadn't thought of that.
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    What gets me is that they stand in front of the windows so the walkers can see them. And who cuts Al's hair So perfectly?
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  • marie1980
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    Well what an underwhelming finale, to be fair i liked the very last minutes it looked and felt like a good show and at last the colour came back but ,hope they take on all the bad reviews and make a good season 5.
  • Wiushi
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    I kept hoping they would all hook up in Alexandria, but no, Morgan found a Factory, but they haven't gone inside yet. Guess I'll keep hoping.
  • T_12
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    It's 2 years now and TWD is no better either, with swathes of nonsensical writing.
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  • Drhoo
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    What's with the stormtroopers @ the end??
  • Ragnarvikk
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    Yes, it’s been YEARS since the apocalypse began and a SWAT VAN is so economical to run! There must a lot of diesel trees around! Nobody EVER gets any thinner and their hair is always the same.. AMAZING! Stupid show! 😂