Lil_Spunky_girl thread only!

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Title says it all.. do not post or you get the ban hammer.

Anyway since I'm a nice guy, I'm gonna give them a chance.

Ok, so I thought besides all the other stuff going on, I wanted to talk about the profanity filter. Is the current one working for us, really. I hope I created everything in my profile correctly.

Can just 1 nation's 'slang' seriously slander the true meaning of a name? Like Spunky? Across the entire globe? Seriously as a mature rated game? Or is it teen now? To increase the player base? Idk tbh

Maybe I'm old and understand that if someone is referred as spunky, I go directly to thinking that that someone is 'full of life'... doesn't give up...and has the courage to tell the world.. I don't do what you tell me to that's some spunk!...not as a slang term for being covered in sperm. yeah 1 nation's slang can make you think of that....but that's not what that word really my profile and understand as an English speaking person, spunky has an true definition, and it has been the same for hundreds, if not thousands of years. So for NG to decide they should ban this word from NML, because British people think it's funny, and really just slang, and 97% of the world would not be offended, seems reedonkculus...yeah made up word there...I think haha.

Why can not NextGames install a 'report' option when people are actually offended by an particular ign, in game, instead of blindly censoring any ign that MAY offend someone? Come on UK people, who own this slang, would you really be offended by this name? Or would you maybe laugh? I think you Brits would prob laugh at me...not be I right?

I laugh all the time at some of the ign's I see, and never get my panties in a wad...I just kinda think, wish I'd thought of that clever play on words....but I guess it's because I'm older, and don't read so much into it..

So maybe could NG revisit thier filter? Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
And please keep it on topic... Profanity Filter, plz and thank you


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