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As part of "NML Hall fo Fame", I proudly present you one of the nominated players: OneLessTitan!

"Hello everyone! My name is Derek, aka "Professor Earthtones" for my extreme affinity towards brown/green khakis and corduroys; I'm the only person anyone knows that does not own a pair of jeans. I'm 38, from central Illinois, and work as a School Psychologist. Music is my main passion (see below), and I love doing all things related music: playing/writing/recording/mixing. Sports come in a close second; I love hockey but don't play anymore since I'm old but still enjoy playing golf (both ball and, more often, disc). And over the last 4+ years I've developed the biggest hetero man crush on James Rodriguez.

My nickname is the name of the hard rock band that I play guitar in. As for how we came up with that band name, all I will say is if our band is ever fortunate enough to play in Nashville, we will do a cover of Weezer's "My Name is Jonas", but change the lyrics to "My name's Bironas..."

Shameless plug: if you like hard rock music with no vocals as of yet, you can check us out on various platforms (just google us)...over the next couple months we will be releasing many new and old songs...and if you know anyone with a killer voice, for the love of Jeebus, point them in our direction! We'd really like to collaborate with many different vocalists; unless you guys know Maynard or Emily Armstrong and we can snag either of them full time!

I started playing the game in November of 2015 after seeing an ad during the TV show. For the first 6 months or so, I played the game solo; basically just completing the achievements/quests. By nature, I'm a knowledge seeker and sharer, so I joined the forum in February of 2016, and only really found random tidbits of information from a couple users and staff member Old Goth. Since information on the game was really lacking, I decided to start collecting data and information...

After months of spreadsheet building and tediously tracking my gameplay and drop rates for the few rewards that were available, I started sharing my information on the forum. I also started collecting/computing community data, mainly on radio calls to find the drop rates for different survivor types. After seeing this, @Japes87 approached me to join my first real guild, The Eh Family. From there, more data and ideas were shared and I kept becoming more involved on the forum, seeking more information and sharing what I and others had found. After a while in the Eh Family, I played for a while in my favorite forum user's guild: @capibara -- it was definitely the most fun guild I've ever played in.

Eventually, I got a bit frustrated repeatedly answering similar questions, so I built the Wordpress site as a quick reference link, and because the Wiki was very unreliable in info and also ran horribly slow on my CPU. So, the site was both self serving and altruistic! Over time, I've been pretty proud of most of the resources on the site, and have tried to make it into something that almost any player could use.

Oh boy...I have so many! A couple honorable mentions....the brief period around April 2016 (I think) when we were getting 5,000 TGs from outpost raids...and getting threatened multiple times to have my game account banned for sharing information that I shouldn't have known

But, my most memorable moment happened on December 5th, 2015. 22 days prior, I got my first Epic Assault, and I was in love. Back then, Survivors couldn't be promoted in Prestige: epics were always epics, and Legendaries were pretty hard to get, so an Epic Assault was a big deal for me. Back then, there were also "Deadly Missions": if a Survivor died in a Deadly Mission you literally lost that Survivor forever! For some reason, I took my Assault in a Deadly Mission with two pathetic survivors, and for some dumber reason, I decided to farm that mission for XP...one thing led to another, and my Epic Assault got into a struggle. The two other Survivors valiantly tried to save the Assault, but they were of no help and I lost my beloved Assault. At the time, I thought I'd never get another Epic (or higher) Assault again...and I was devastated (RIP Pete)...even more devastated than when I lost my Legendary Hunter a couple months later on a game disconnect while trying to shoot (that Hunter had 39,000 kills under her belt...still almost 4% of my 1,000,000+ kills in the game over two years later).

So if you want to armchair psycho-analyze me, I'm one who remembers the trauma over the joy.

My 3 Favorite Survivors (not including Sasha):

#1: Grandma -- I use her on almost every Challenge and Distance Mission. She is badged up to inflict maximum damage, but can also take a serious hit in Challenges with Defensive Stance and Iron Skin. I have no better way of dealing with insanely tough Walkers than charging her up on a couple normal walkers, than unleashing her full force! I'm also a big fan of Revenge (theoretically, as it and Retaliate are the two bugs that I'm sure will still exist long after the game ends )

#2: Ygritte -- I use Assaults all the time (often at least 2 when I played Challenges more). I got Ygritte shortly after Revenge was added, and I've been working on upgrading her since then, even over my other 8* assault i had long before her. I have my Assaults badged up for Challenges (Hunters/Shooters/Scouts are all badged for the Distance), so I like to put 3x Iron Skin badges on them, and then a combo of Health and Damage Badges, depending on how I use that particular Assault.

#3: Arya -- Although I don't use them as often, Scouts are my favorite class to play with. Once the extra movement was added, Scouts became so much fun to use! It took me FOREVER to find what I deemed to be the "Perfect Attacking Scout"...and Arya is it for me. There may be some other combo of traits that works better or may be more useful, but I'm content with her traits. Strong and Ruthless for max damage, Luck to help Threat Reduction/Swift Strike/Charging when using those weapons, and Retaliate/Power Strike for when things don't quite go as planned...I have her badged up for Max Damage in the Distance, but also for damage in Challenges when playing with Michonne.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words I've received over the years; if no one cared about the information, I wouldn't have shared it! My real-life friends actually know who some of you are since I've talked about you guys frequently.

@Japes87 - for being my first real game friend -- we will get that disc golf game in at Diamond X in Montana eventually! or we can just blaze like Snoop in B.C. sometime!

@Andrius - for being an awesome guild leader of the Eh family and starting something pretty great, not to mention being the #1 fan of our band in Canada, and probably #2 in the world after our drummer's wife who has to put up with listening to us all the time.

@capibara - what can I say? trying to explain Capi to people in real life does not do it justice. You have done more to put a smile on my face on this forum than anyone ( @Jenng a close second!), not to mention making my circle of friends actually aware of what a Capibara is and searching for awesome pictures of them on the internet!

Thanks to all the great players out there that helped me improve my battle skills: @Terminates and @Stelio are the two that often shared vids that were pretty mind blowing!

Fellow information sharers: @DLich and @JayZ share that trait with me, and the community is much better for it!

@GrimGael - my fellow Raiding Enthusiast...I couldn't ask for a better partner on the path to get everyone to just "Take the TGs and Run"...

@tinytuna007 - for introducing me to many new players through her Intraguild recruiting...how does she do it? Hell if I know!!

There are countless others in the community I've come to enjoy and like...so I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of people out...which is fitting, because I can be kind of a dick at times. Even those I often disagree with, I more often than not enjoy (I'm looking at you @zbot ). We are all in the same community, and we don't always agree with each other, but it doesn't mean we can't all still have fun together.

Sadly, I've become a bit disinterested with the game (happens after almost 3 years of playing!), so I don't have any plans to update the site in the near future. I'm kind of an "all or nothing" person; I go balls to the wall when I'm interested in something, and don't like to half-ass things when I'm not. Luckily, the community has grown since I started playing, and there are now many players willing to share info and make helpful guides. Although I may not be creating new content for the site, if anyone wants to send me links to any new guides/info, I will gladly link to them with their permission.

Thanks again!"



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    @OneLessTitan truly, truly deserved! Enjoy your half-ass time and when your back to All-or-nothing, we will all benefit again from your work.

    If anything can be done to assist, please ask us and I have no doubt many would leap to assist.
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    Enjoyed the read!
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    @OneLessTitan !!! :) ....I'm flattered by your words and if I have to admit it almost excited ... (...can a capybara get excited?). Thanks friend! It's very kind from you to remember me in your speech :)
    "Explain Capi in real life"?? ...there is no need. I'm "Capi".... Can you believe that i'm "capi" also in real life? My daughter never called me "dad".. only "capy". Same for wife. As third person when she talks with others refers to me as "the capibara did... ".. :D:D:D:D

    I will never forget those months with you. Having you has been one of the best things that happen to my guild... not to mention when I almost converted into the lead voice of the OLT band!! ... :D:D:D:D

    How can you forget the summer that you decided to spend with the rodent family? With your prestigious presence, my project to bring together the most interesting users of the forum in one guild was a reality.
    i will never forget that summer. Thanks again! :)

    And congrats for your HoF nomination!

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    @OneLessTitan Thank you for all your help supplied through your website!
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    I'm also a knowledge seeker/sharer when it comes to something I enjoy. When I get into something I read up on it as much as I possibly can and learn everything there is to know, your website was my holy grail when starting this game and your time and effort is greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'm not the only one sharing that sentiment.

    Congrats! @OneLessTitan
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    Congratulations on an honor well deserved! I have enjoyed many talks getting to know you and I've enjoyed listening to your music. I know that life has given you your share of heartaches. You give so much and keep so little for yourself. You want people to think that you're a hard ass, but I know you as a big hearted person (but don't worry. I won't tell anyone so your hardass image is safe. Oops, to late! ;) )

    I provide all new players and beginners your website and knowledge Based information on traits to help give them a jump on the game right from the start. You have helped countless people learn the game easier.

    It's been a great ride and thanks for all of your help!

    Congratulations again! <3
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    Oooo........ I’m officially number 2!!! Lol 😂
    (I know I’m the shit )

    @OneLessTitan you are truly a legend and an invaluable asset to the entire NML community, as the creator of our bible. When you’re ready to whole ass it again remember to tag me in your super mathy , complex logistics threads ( solely for violent purposes) ;):p

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    It's all just about point of view @Jenng !! You are obviously "number 1 lol forumer" <3
    - i never smile reading my posts but i do while reading yours :D:D:D
    - I have more haters than you...actually you probably have no haters while i already losed count of them... :D:D:D
    - OLT developed some kind of fetish for big rodents...everyone does after playing with me...so his valoration is not "..neutral".. :D:D:D
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    Congrats @onelesstitan

    Much appreesh all your valuable insight, especially during the dark days of no-share-info-NGs ;-)

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    Without @OneLessTitan in the game, there really is one less titan in the game.

    Cheers bro! You made this game better for many newbs like me! Hope you make a triumphant full return. :+1:
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    A true legend @OneLessTitan
    The EH family- where we have competition, fun and friendship.
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