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I downloaded the update ...and now when I try to go into the game...as soon as it loads a message pops up and says Walking Dead has stopped. I was really looking forward to the new update can this be fixed ?


  • DIblis
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    edited October 2018
    Same issue here on older samsung tablet. Have managed to get to second ad (had little 1 then the usual start of game ad), click close to get to base and then game stops.
    Edit: game has come good after a couple of hrs on and off trying the game.
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  • Kaz
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    Hey guys!

    Sorry to hear that. It fixed one of the things that was affecting some Android devices. Could you please restart your game and let me know if it's working now?

  • ShadowaceAz
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    Android - Pixel 2, works for me. 😊

    Sadly 3 calls didn't get Glenn, would that qualify as a bug? 🙃 😉 😜
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  • Cabelokira
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    the watch attacks are horrible now only 1 character attacks and the others do nothing if you have zombie near he does not attack and takes damage please fix this this is very bad
  • Denpain1
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    I'm now running sooooo painfully slow, and constantly crashing after updating. What's happening? Surely updates should help improve game play!!!
  • Katz_Killers18
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    My game app keeps shutting down after about 2 or 3 moves. Whether I'm watching ads, talking with guild in chat, playing the game, and lots of the ads won't even play. Right in the middle of everything it's shutting down!! I've shut the game down, rebooted my phone, nothing helps.

  • Callas
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    My Samsung S2 tablet crashes after every mission ☹