New Challenge Schedule

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New Challenge Schedule

Starting this week, there will be two challenges per week.

Weekday Challenge: Mondays (10 AM EST) to Thursdays (9 AM EST)

Weekend Challenge: Thursdays (10 AM EST) to Mondays (9 AM EST)

The new challenge map, The Factory with Human Enemies will be the first event in rotation, starting on Thursday 18.2 at 10 AM EST / 3 PM UTC. Three new Challenge maps will be added to No Man's Land in the near future.

Changes to Challenges & Guild Cycling:

Members can join a guild mid-challenge and have their stars counted. Only stars contributed by the first 20 members in a guild during a certain challenge will be counted towards the total.
Mission gas costs will be decreased.
Difficulty during events will increase a bit more steeply.
Reward tiers will be modified.
Rotation order of the maps will change.