NML Hall of Fame #2 - Ideas Discussion

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I think we should start organizing a new round for NML Hall of Fame, right after Nations War.

This post is to discuss ideas on how we can improve it.

Main complaints on the first one were that the voters were too few and felt like a closed group. Discussions and all topics can be found here.

Considering this is an event made by the players for the players, no one is getting paid to do it and we don't want to have tons of work to set it up, what are your suggestions?

Looking forward to this. Good vibes!


  • Firekid
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    You're a heave man trouble maker! I think a category hall of fame with a couple of nominations for each category and some sort of reason for the nomination. Then a closed vote on the forum to decide the winner? Obviously this would require a sub forum which I think is a good idea anyway.
  • Troublemaker
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    Thanks for contributing @Firekid

    Can you develop more please? You have some nice ideas here.
  • Pic
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    Maybe voters can be a wide group. And the ones voting could explain why they are choosing this person
  • ShadowaceAz
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    The whole concept of "What I have done" followed by a public voting is, well, amazing!
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  • Firekid
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    And the award for most polite post saying this idea is no good goes too... @TJS! Congratulations! Hope you've got your acceptance speech ready 😉
  • Firekid
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    To be honest i am struggling to come up with categories which are meaningful for the game. Most helpful videos is one idea. Another could be best newcomer (although not sure how that would work). Lifetime achievement award.
    Could also do some more fun ones like best IGN and best profile pic, funniest forum member.
    But before anyone spends too much time and energy on this a poll should be created to see if people actually want it. @troublemaker as this is your baby do you want to create it?

    Edit to add: how could I forget the social butterfly award!
  • Troublemaker
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    There were players in the forum (or should I say "forum users") that went on first event just to mock, devalue, make fun or simply just spread hate and bully.

    Those spent hours working towards actions that were nothing positive or productive. They simply wanted to destroy.

    I see none of these people here bringing suggestions or wanting to build something.

    This thread has been up for days and just a few have come with contributions, with honorable mention to @Firekid who has clearly put his head to work.

    Also worth noticing is that the same hate squad from 1st edition has already made some inputs through reactions. None positive or constructive, again. Those same people demanded to be heard. The mic is open and they are hiding in the shadows. My work is done.

    I'm dropping this completely as I don't have cockroach blood neither have to see or live all this hate for nothing. This was a last effort. Some may consider that they have "won". True fact is: we all lose.

    I thank NG for the support, all the players that voted, those who helped immensely getting in touch with everyone, and of course all the HoFers for their questionnaires and nominations.

    If anyone wants to take this over, it's open.

    Good vibes.
  • tdiddy
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    not sure if above post was aimed towards me. i said my 2 cents before but sure ill add it again.
    @Amazayn for 2000 stars when 400 was a good score, LLS and other things ng had to update to slow him down. Best player ive ever seen, no offense to others.
    @Sekushi same as amazyn
    @Slayerstyle a master of the melee arts, always helpfull, and an all around great player who has visited many guilds and ultimately made each one better with strategy and explanations....
    @javajnkie as she leads the best guild, a good friend who we've tried to bbq but emergency in game, or beta testing etc she never puts her phone down. walking dead is her addiction.
    and with last hall of fame i said congrats to the winners, i simply did not see how amazayn wasnt on the list....
    my 2 cents once again
  • tdiddy
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    theres plenty of worthy people out there ill put a few more names maybe others will follow suit and add as well
    savanaguy81 however spelled, can put scores up that rival stelio enough said there.
    @Uragoner world #2 , nice guy, only uses ranged, supposedly just turned 50 (more like 80) hall of fame for old guy
    @Nicholas french player may be retired not sure but had great challenge videos, great scorer, and always helpfull
    and lastly the forum user who always has the throat punch memes whatever her name is jeng or something i dunno to lazy to go look.......
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    I will give @Troublemaker the same feedback I gave him in his first thread. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you cannot even be civil to people in your own thread?

    Good vibes.
  • ShadowaceAz
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    If I start the statement as "With all due respect", does it give me free reign to say anything?
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  • tdiddy
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    guild shouldnt matter, theres many great players all over the game. if uncle bob has the resume i would vote for him..... and cmon his names uncle bob how could anyone say no.
    good vibes
  • capibara
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    No. Do not do that again!
    You already choosed those 10 Hall of Fame. What changed now???
    They will be no more "Hall of Fame"??
    After 2 months someone will be a better HoF than Minica or OLT or the others??
    This is going to be sinister. You already did the HoF. Everything else is VANITY

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    Like a group of coyotes. Do you all chat with each other before you post? =p all at once. I play with troublemaker guy had nothing but good intentions. Considering nobody wanted to put any effort into the project. Again.. Many had something to say about the project. Bazinga
  • TJS
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    I have no doubt there were good intentions & I feel somewhat guilty for posted what could be read as a negative comment that was followed up by others.

    I certainly don't communicate with others before I post anything.

    I expressed my personal opinion & that I didn't want any part of it. I agree I could have been less negative & for that I sincerely apologize to @Troublemaker &/or any others I may have offended. That was not my intention.

    If others wish to have a second run then I sincerely wish all the best to them.
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    Zombies should rise from the dead... this post shouldn't.
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    I am feeling good vibes... oh, wait. One of my internal gyroscopes is malfunctioning. :lol:
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    My posts are being deleted. Either close the thread or allow folks to respond to this new set of accusations and insults. I regret nothing. Good vibes.
  • Jaden
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    I am my own agent and can think for myself, thank you very much.

    The first time around, I asked questions and was brushed aside in quite a rude manner. After that, I couldn't bring myself to care all that much anymore, sorry.

    I still made some suggestions that were also brushed aside. So why should I think that would be different this time and why would I even feel compelled to suggest anything after what went on last time?

    It's not that I doubt there were good intentions. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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    Thanks for your words @TJS .
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