Gathering Supplies

So if I have unlimited gas is it faster to just run through supply scavenger missions or is it faster to farm with Glenn as a leader? I have farmed almost 200k in a few minutes, but I never farmed any other way (as far as running scavenger missions over and over).


  • Keennuts
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    Note, I never leveled Glenn.
  • Jaden
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    Depends on how many minutes those few minutes are...

    With the way I play I would say: If you have unlimited gas and Governor, it's quickest to farm with him in the lead and finish missions without farming walkers.

    In general, even without him, I would guess this should be quicker, too.
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  • Keennuts
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    This who I'm running with, and for speed I was running for 10 minutes now and went up 500k. Not sure how that compares to others thought.
  • bladgier
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    Use Glenn if you're planning to do many kills in every scavenge, use Governor if you're planning to go trough them ASAP.
  • BttlOpener
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    If you have gas booster, do a test. With double xp for kills today, Glenn in the leader position might overcome the governor. Also, don't forget that armor with training gear. :o
    SPC_TORRES Member Posts: 2,053 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If I was in the market for supplies
    Glenn leader with training gear
    Maggie with training gear
    And anyone else with training gear
    I am not 100%, still running the math on my end.... but normal scavenger missions
    Reason being
    I am doing xp, normal is 10,500 with a diff 26
    Hard is 13,200 with diff 29
    Post mission crate are the same reward
    So starting lower I can kill more to make the short fall between the two

  • boosh
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    The Governor with two other assaults. Run the missions as fast as you can . You can get 1M + per hour.