Does anyone still think rick will come back as a cliffhanger

Do you guys know when we thought glenn was gonna die so many times and other characters like morgan and all that do you guys think this is just a cliffhanger because he was in a heli not dead? o:)o:)<3<3:'(:'(


  • Andrea
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    In the next season in my opinion...i don't know how but not now!
    Probably will be in a strange moment or not but i hope to see Rick for the last time with his comunity
  • PigBenis
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    Read my thread that I posted back in July about my theory of Rick leaving the show. Now that we know more, I change things only slightly, but I was fairly accurate so far with what little was known. I believe he will be back somehow next season and it will come at an unexpected time. If we don't see Rick again, we don't see Jadis again and I find that unlikely.
  • Artisans
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    He said he was in for 6 episodes....
    How many has he been in?
    Retired, but not entirely dead.
    "Really? Good luck with that!"
  • WellyLuga
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    From what I understand, he is done with the show but there will be a trilogy of films covering his story and other things to be released in the near future. From what I've read Andrew Lincoln left the show as he basically spent 7 months of the year in Georgia and his family was at home in England. The films will be shot in about 2 months of the year so he will be able to still tell Rick's story and still get quality family time!
  • TransmuteJun
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    If you are caught up with the comics, then you know about the Commonwealth. In the comics, Michonne's daughter plays a part in that storyline. Since Michonne doesn't have a daughter in the TV show, I think that part might be played by Rick (meaning that we would see him in a season or 2).
  • PigBenis
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    I might need to watch episode.6 seems like it contradicts your statement from what I remember.
  • Andrea
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    @PigBenis ....i saw a little guy at the end of the episode with mean this situation?
  • TheKid
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    Ohh Shit He Is Comin Back I heard on a website that Rick Has A 75% Chance Of Comin Back YAAA!!

  • marie1980
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    It was confirmed that Rick has left the show and is not returning but doing films instead.
  • T_12
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    They screwed the show royally. It's all been going downhill since Season 6, with only a few hopeless signs of resurgence.
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