Guild Community Holiday Fundraiser!

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Hello and happy year's end to all the survivors out there!

I received a lovely message from Buchi, a player representing their guild, and was asked to share it with the broader No Man's Land community.

"My team won the intra-guild Challenge and we wanna give the money we won to an official charity organisation.

We thought there are so many kids who have no real Christmas that this is a chance for us and the community to help from all over the world!

It would be a great effort for all of us to create and build great hope for folks who don't have the kinds of holidays we are used to!"

I have already personally donated myself, and I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful community effort. The organization chosen is KinderNotHilfe "Help for Children's Emergencies", and can be found at

Please head to the donation page here and consider offering something to to the fundraising drive. Let's show how we can work together to support our worldwide community!

Thank you for being a wonderful community - I'm proud of everything we have built together!
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