Guild schedules and time zone shenanigans

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So it’s been said the guild member has to “register” for a battle, it would be a lot easier to coordinate schedules if we could preregister (BEFORE THE WEEKEND) for time slots that we are interested in and could see when else our fellow guild members were registered for. When the time slot has at least 7 players, those preregistered get an alert that it is scheduled.

Kind of similar to what is already planned for alerting members except it happens before the weekend!

Also would be nice if there was some feature to convert your timezone into UTC so everyone can be talking about the same correct time no matter where in the world they are. For example, I can’t be online until 1700 Eastern Standard Time but I have no f-ing clue what time that is in Zulu and then be able to convert that into another time for someone who lives in the Netherlands who also doesn’t know what time they are in into UTC so I can understand when they are you understand? It’s like this wibbly wobbly timey wimey ball of stuff...


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    It should be createt an own time zone,
    TWD time
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    How about increasing the sign up time to at least 24-48 hrs prior. That way the war doesn't start when your entire guild is asleep and the countdown ends before they wake up. Guild wars starts for me at around 6am, don't really want to wake up just to register. My guild is active, but only had 4 register in that time frame.
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    With some players in Asia Europe and the United States, what happed was this: Even though we set a time to accomodate everyone the best we could, all our European/UK members got on early anyway (while we slept elsewhere) and played. Then they also got on at the designated time (with who knows how much gas) and let the timer run out. So, basically they left all of the members from the States out to dry. While 10 were signed up, only 4 of us were actually playing. Maybe there should be some kind of penalty for those who join, and don’t play? Or maybe a minimum on gas? I don’t know, but it’s not cool. No way to stop it.
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    @Roos1 we actually encouraged people to sign up even if they couldn’t play.. that at least allowed the rest of us that did want to, to be able to!
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    @Mystique - Yes, we could do that, but first, it blocks other people in the guild from playing who really want to (find it’s full), and also it’s much more fun playing with a live group. I may have misunderstood, but In one of the Youtube videos, “Developer QNA Guild Wars,” the developers actually said it was their hope that we’d work together more, not alone. No doubt everyone will have an opinion. I repect that.