GW Bias Towards High Level Players

Why are different amounts of GW gas offered in different Distance difficulties? This shows a bias towards high level players, who are able to complete the required level in Hard mode to earn the extra 5 GW gas. Shouldn't players of all appropriate player level be able to play the same number of GW missions? Is there something I'm missing here?

Please consider having the different difficulty Distance modes offer the same amount of GW gas.


  • Rissa
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    Screw Guild Wars. I have level 18 heros and they put me against level 25's. And I need to pay over 200 gold to heal my heros?!?! Plus, the stupid game's servers couldn't handle the player load, so it glitched and took Rosita off as a hero and put Glenn on as the leader! I've spent more than a few dollars on this game but that is coming to an end! Not one more dime. Not one red cent. Nothing until they fix this. It's not like they aren't aware. (Hence the difference difficulties based on levels released over the summer.)
  • Firekid
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    Why shouldn't people who have put more time and effort into the game be rewarded by being able to play an extra 5 missions..... do I really want to start this argument...?
  • avelardez
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    edited December 2018
    Well, high level players getting the same rewards does nothing to be high level. In due time you will climb higher.
  • PigBenis
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    I'm Level 70, but thanks for the assumption. I play normal Distance because I can't stand all of the hassle swapping gear between survivors when they die and having to use the flee strategy to get through hard mode.

    GW gas is scarce enough as it is and it makes absolutely no sense to award different amounts based on different Distance versions. Winter tokens are awarded in the exact same number, so why is GW gas different?

    During the Summer Event, RPG tokens were awarded in different amounts but they learned from their mistakes and made it right this time least in regard to Winter tokens.

    I understand different amounts of XP and hero/class tokens as Distance rewards because it takes more of them to increase survivor levels as you upgrade them and increase your player level.
  • Michonor23
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    The gap between higher level players and others will probably only grow with the current setup. As higher level players may have more gas from distance and challenge, they can play longer and therefore be even more likely to win the battle over mid levels. They will then get more rewards from the guild shop and continue to widen the gap.

    Not anything terribly wrong with that, midlevels can eventually catch up...if they ever get to play when not in an extremely active guild