Guild War battle: first blood

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Complete battle of the second fight. The first battle did not let you see which mission you cleared. It was very confusing. The second battle seem to fix that and showed which mission was cleared in the set your in. You were able to see the other guild your tracking in that set of 3. Each set has six missions your fighting to clear and find them. Once they are found Ymir shows you and you enter that mission to fight. Don’t seem to be like it them but if so then cool. Wonder if it’s like outpost?

Let’s hear you responses.


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    You need minimum of 7/10 players to go to battle. You sign up for the next battle an hour before and when the time has come you play track, locate and kill the enemy. Rewards seem ok. 100 hunter tokens for 150 reward points.
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    GW human battles are nothing like the outposts. The GW defenders movement is much more realistic and difficult. Plus defenders badges work so they are harder to kill. I am an outpost enthusiast and loving the new guild wars mechanics!
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    1st battle 20 minutes
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    If fighters are injured from challenge, outpost, chapter missions, then the have to be healed before use. Not like the Distance with separate health.
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    Too true. I will NOT pay to heal after a battle. I just went play.