Just let me know what I should have earned please

Should I be on 39 vp after completing 12 missions and defeating 2 enemies?? Don't give a shit if it's a bug....but I want to know


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    @keet that sounds like a bug to me.. I know there has been issues like that reported and Kaz said they are fixing it!
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  • keet
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    Hey....sorry for saying shit, it's not really a bad word in Ireland.....but I completed 10 rounds on my alt account and I'm on 146....so basically. ...I just want to know if that's how it is??
  • keet
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    @Mystique .. thank you....I'm not one to get angry or anything but I basically don't have a clue whether I had the right score or not...but how someone in my guild can get over 300 in 50 minutes and I'm on 39??
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    @keet contact support and they can look into it. While in game click settings (gear icon), click help, click on any FAQ to see the answer and you should see contact us on the upper right.