Guild war gas and team size

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After day one of guild wars and ignoring the first battle etc I think this could be a great great feature. Couple of things. Firstly team size is an issue. Can't it be lowered to 4-5 and then have the game only match with teams +\- 2 up to a maximum of 11. Also guild war gas is so scarce! Was this intended for some reason? I'm going to be playing tomorrow with 5 gas a battle, thatll be pretty useless won't be able to help my team with that! Can't we get guildwar gas from after missions crates? Could lower the XP or supplies odds to accommodate?


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    Thanks, 🔥👦!

    We do have to adjust, fix, review and discuss A LOT of things, and that should be our focus for the upcoming weeks and the next update. I'll try to involve the community as much as possible with future decisions and hopefully some new beta tests.

    Lower the minimum number of players is a possibility already. I don't think we can control the maximum number of players though.

    GW gas was supposed to be super valuable and rare, and for now, you can get it from the distance/challenge/guild shop/shop. We'll see how this war goes first and see if we can add it in more places like season campaigns, trade goods shop, other events and so on. I'm not making any promises for now but only letting you know we acknowledge that it's not ideal yet and that we need to polish it a lot still.

    GW gas in the crates after missions maybe not yet, but who knows. I'll bring it to the devs too.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I'm glad you are enjoying it! :)
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    We have an active guild but we haven't been able to muster 7 of us at the same time, we are all over the world in different timezones and coordinating enough players at the same time is proving to be almost impossible. We really want to play but we need smaller sizes to kick off a battle say 4 or 5 players...
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    Guild v guild should really be an equal number of players, 8 v 10 is a big disadvantage in scoring. I do like the gameplay but it needs refining.
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    Not happy with the guild war feature. It’s been impossible to get members of my guild to be available at the same time as we live at various parts of the world. Plus for smaller guilds it’s even harder. I also see the issue of fuel for this feature as an problem. I feel it’s just another way to make players spend more money on the game.
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    Many in my guild were unable to play, having only 4 to 6 available at a time because of geographic locations around the world. Needless to say, they are bummed. A few of us (myself included) played 3 times, but couldn't help out afterwards. Maybe instead of each player being limited to 3 a day, each guild gets a pool of tokens, and the guild decides how to allocate the players. Plus the idea being floated that only 4 or 5 are required to start.

    I understand that you are probably trying to make a level playing field within the guilds and this is the first take. The people who were able to play had a great time.
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    Game Developers,
    I have really been enjoying guild wars! My only complaint is the availability of the guild wars gas. After the first war, I was able to purchase GW gas in the Guild Store and I did. After the second war, GW gas was removed from the selection options and the first reward available was Abraham tokens. I made an in app purchase of 5 more gas, but very quickly burnt through that. In my case, $2.99 worth of gas lasted me 6 or maybe 7 minutes.
    Please make GW gas a little more available so people can continue playing and having fun. Maybe add in a way to watch a few advertisements for some GW gas or some other way so you guys can still make money and we can continue to have fun without spending too much money. I am a Software Developer, mainly .NET development, but I still get the whole concept. This is your business and, like any business, you need income to sustain your operations. Ad revenue would be a great way to help players keep costs down, but still support your company and enjoy your product.
    Thank you for reading and hopefully considering this as an option.
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    Or if you would really like to be nice to your loyal players, have GW gas slowly increase like normal gas and maybe cap out at a certain point on GW gas earned from time. I'm sure that'll make all the players happy. Plus it wouldn't impact your servers too harshly if people had to wait for GW gas and the cap would prevent people from letting it build up and then playing a lot at once.
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    We should lower the minimum number of guild players that have to be active so that you are still able to participate, if your guild members are mostly busy. Maybe have smaller group levels...
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    I can only agree so far, please LOWER the minimum number of players needed for Guild Wars! Otherwise this feature is lost for many smaller guilds. NML is supposed to be a game for "idle time" and shouldn't require coordinating people from all over the world to be online at the same time. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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    Lower the minimum numbers required to 4 or 5, very difficult to get 7 at the same time
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    We also agree in our guild. 7 is too many and caused some frustrated members. Maybe to ensure battles don't get too lopsided, also lower the max to 8.
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    Like everyone else we too have the same issue, we are a Guild with Players from allover the world.
    We found a Workaround letting People sign for the Guild war so we can have enough Players for the ones that are online to enter at the time the war is on but we were still unable to enter most of the time due to the System asking us for 7 persons to sign up before we can enter.
    It is totally annoying since you cant expect People to be on awake 24/7 and only be in your game so they can participate at all.
    Even more annoying was that my Guild The Visionaries needed 7 to enter, yet the Guild HunWarZ which was our enemy and won had only 4 People on their list.
    I'm Pretty sure it has Nothing to do with how many we "found" but rather that they were indeed able to enter with 4 People.
    Why is that? That's totally unfair.
    We couldn't enter the next battle again due to the lack of People so we are missing like 95% of the battles if not more.
    Please fix that and lower the amount of people needed to enter. Smaller guilds want to play too.
    Also noticed that 4 of my members didn't got any Keys so they can participate at all even they were online.
    In one case I can understand since she is a low Level but the other 3 are over Levels 55, 45 and 56 which a high enough council to participate.
    Is a bug around that Prevent some from getting keys?
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    I know many people have already commented on this but I had to add my voice. Guild wars number of players has to be reduced. It is impossible to get 7 people in different time zones together. 4 or 5 needs to be the minimum. GW gas is ridiculously difficult to acquire. My players are at level 25 and I'm bored. Was hoping GW would be a reason to stay. However, it is NO FUN when you cant play. Please make minimum players and gas top of your list of fixes!
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    +1 on all these comments.
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    Great idea poorly executed with the usual greed we expect here

    Gas too rare especially for those long time players like me who paid but won’t anymore but the biggest problem as mentioned is 7 to play. My guild are over the world and since the first couple of wars we haven’t got to 7 since.

    Unless there are some changes quickly I don’t expect I’ll sign up to battle when it’s on e again

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    The team size is a big problem. We can get six at a time if we work hard at it. Five is easy to do. Seven has only been possible twice. I don’t mind the gas rarity. It is frustrating when some of us want to play but cannot.