0 points in Guild War yet spent over 30 in gas, never lost

Little confused. Just spent well over 30 in gas and never lost a match yet I didn’t contribute one single point to my guild (Dead Inside). Of course we barely lost too. What’s going on?


  • PigBenis
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    Your information contradicts itself. Your title says you never lost, yet the body if your post says that you barely lost...which is it?
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    He is saying that he, himself, never lost a fight on a map and his guild overall, barely lost the battle. But for some reason he is showing zero victory points.

    Can you post screenshots?
  • Bowden1979
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    Exactly. I never lost a match, yet I used over 30 in gas and never gained a single point. As a result if that, my guild barely lost.
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    File an in game support ticket. NG should be able to sort it out and make you whole again.
  • TJS
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    Your score(s) should adjust to the correct amount after your second battle. That's what happened with me and my guild members.
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  • Peanut1875
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    Just happened with me too. I won each level/ battle but when I completed it I noticed it said “out of time” next to the red reward and I got 0. The guild rewards would say I won (12-14etc for that level). When I looked at my teams score I was still on 0. However I counted my teams score up and it didn’t total the amount of the score at the top. It means my guild rewards had been added to the teams score but hadn’t given me an individual tally.

    I also noticed when I came out from each level/battle there was still a blue flashing dot on the one I’d just completed and When I clicked on the level again it came up that I was still in the level.

    I hope all that makes sense.
  • Hitman87
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    Exactly the same thing by me too...