Battle Starting Glitch

Our guild has been stuck on the battle starting screen for over 30 mins. No one can join or withdraw from the battle. Pretty annoying as we managed to finally register 8 players after missing each hour. I hope we don't loose our keys.


  • TeenahGee
    TeenahGee Member Posts: 92 ✭✭✭
    This happened to me at one point. Had to exit the game and re-enter. Got right in then.
  • tido
    tido Member Posts: 2
    We all restarted the game yesterday and still had the problem. I've looked again this morning still the same battle starting with no players registered. Main screen shows battle starting in <1. Most of us have our keys back but can't register for battle. I hope it gets fixed before guild wars ends.
  • Gothgul
    Gothgul Member Posts: 239 ✭✭✭
    Same happened to a lot of other guilds including ours. Doubt it will be fixed this round, so losing a key wont matter.