My take after Day 1

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Very nice job @Kaz @Shteevie my guild loved it.
Problems I gas (diesel) is too limited. I ran hard distance twice, bought all the gas in the guild shop and paid for a diesel bundle and I have 12 left for tomorrow. Which won’t get me through one battle.
Maybe add diesel to daily challenges? Or trade shop, some other way to stock up.

There is a lot going on for a Saturday. With challenge, guild wars and distance it’s damn near enough to consume the whole day. Luckily I warned my wife before hand and she was kind enough to pick up some bourbon and beer for me while she was out.

Our guild is very active and even with that we had problems getting the 7 minimum. Perhaps increase guild size to 21 and set the teams 5-7? We could establish 3 teams per guild that way.

Did anyone clear all maps? 50 minutes isn’t a bad amount to devote to the game at one time, but even with a team of 10 we didn’t clear more than 2 maps in the final tier. Interested to see how others did.

Overall I give the rollout a B+. Some bugs to work out but hey that’s normal. Asylum had a good time playing it and we are in the top 10 😉. At least the last I checked....
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  • vivapaco
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    Love it, had a great time but I only got to play 2 times the first day because we didn’t have enough players. Our guild is very active be we still rarely had 7+ players able to devote a full 50 minutes. So maybe change the player limits to 5-7 players.

    The metal head protecting people in front of him from hunters really needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Lastly, like DLH said, we need way more red gas! There is no way a player can get enough to actually complete all the missions needed and use their 3 keys. We need more ways to get gas and more gas in the store, distance, etc.
  • Azazan
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    I’m with DLH and viva. Red gas and party size is definitely an issue. Also a lot of player are having trouble with Carl’s “second chance” leader trait. He’s basically immortal, his trait activates way too often. I can’t speak for everyone but notifications didn’t tell me when players joined in.

    It was a little buggy but I absolutely loved guild wars. Excellent idea! Maybe combine this and the weekly challenge? It’s just too much to do now in NML.
  • MockingJJ
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    I would love to have a take after day 1.

    Unfortunately, I have yet to even have a chance to play this mode, because getting at least 7 guild members on at the same time together to play, it turns out is next to flipping impossible! The highest my guild ever got was 4 or 5 on the wait list the entire day (usually hovered around 2-4).

    Therefore, my suggestion is to drastically lower the player requirement from 7/10, to say perhaps 4/6 or 3/5. Or maybe tier things where more active guilds with higher level players have a higher requirement threshold to reach to start a War vs a similar ranking guild, and lower ranking guilds have less of a requirement threshold to reach to start a War, etc.

    Otherwise, I see this as something that's going to have a large number of unhappy players that never get to play this game mode, that pushes them more towards quitting. And also, something that's going to cause a great deal of constant upheaval and turnover in guilds themselves.

    That's my 2 cents/thoughts/input, for whatever its worth.
  • DirkDingo
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    Agreed with many of the comments. The number of players is a huge issue.