Pain Walker’s feedback on GWs

Pain Walker
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Hi all

I love it and my guild does too. I just have 2 issues.

First of all players. Well we have players from US Europe and Asia and it’s very hard for everyone to come together to get a minimum of 7 players.

Any possibility of reducing require players to begin a battle to 5? Most of the time we need 1 or 2 more members max!

The second issue is Guild War Gas!

The amount of money you need to spend on gas in order to enjoy wars is crazy...!

Even with the purchased gas it’s stil not enough at all for 6 battle every other weekend. I have seen some players suggesting adding it to bundles or daily quests or TG shop but I disagree.

I think you should just add a lot more gas to the distance AND to make it the same amount for both modes. I will wait to see how much we get from challenges and then give feedback on that!!

Also from what I understand, you won’t be giving away gas in these modes in the week that doesn’t have guild wars! You SHOULD though. Even if there are no wars that weekend we still should be able to farm and stack up on gas from distance and challenges.

Probably making a video!

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  • Stalker20
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    The minimum is hard to achieve so going down is a good idea. That in itself creates a problem though as you could go into battle 5 v 10 which is a 100% loss for sure. Could the scoring be adjusted to only count an equal number from each side for guild v guild purposes. All players will still get the gw tokens so it's not wasting anyones efforts.
  • Nick37
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    There needs to be some sort of matchmaking, if there are say 5 on your team you are matched with another guild with 5 etc. It is also virtually impossible to get 7 players online all at the same time.
  • Bloodfists
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    I've had no problem with gas.

    I've only got to try it once.

    Full guild but can't get 7 on at same time.

    So, with all the problems you will reset leaderboards after this right?
  • xiaofei66
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    I suggest something like WOT blitz, just team up any 10 similar level players on line against the same, then add 10% of guild points won to each individuals guild for guild rewards. Then everyone plays against equal teams and can play whenever. This trying to get guildmates together will get old fast.