Healing like the distance and sector setup

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So my guild finally got the chance to play and I really enjoyed it! One barrier I can see moving forward is the damage it does to a mid level players (or lower) survivors however. I had almost all of my survivors in the hospital which kept me from being able to play some rounds later. I didn’t want to just sign up and not play because it was soooo much fun, but this may have kept my guild mates from being able to play due to lack of numbers.

So I propose that guild wars survivors healing/damage be setup like the distance, the damage wrought stays with your survivor through every progressive mission you play with them until they are at zero. You would be able to heal your survivors a portion of the way using gold just like with distance. This would keep the substantial healing times for low and mid level players from becoming prohibitive to playing guild wars. If all your survivors are in the hospital, you can’t play any of the other game modes so it would wind up becoming an either/or situation. As many guilds are made up of a range players from noobies to endgame, guild wars would be difficult for those less experienced to be effective in as well as achieve challenge stars. Also for f2p, all survivors in the hospital means time to go do something else for 8-12 hours.

While I’m talking about making guild wars a little more like the distance, please can my other survivors keep fighting if one of them is “killed” instead of a defeat? It’s always been one of my favorite features of distance, being able to sacrifice a survivor so the others can get to the exit ala Shane style.

The other suggestion is to flip the tier of the battle map around with 5 sectors on the left and 2 on the right. I don’t know what others have been doing strategy but what is the point of playing a right sector with a class buff and less GP when you are not going to have time to finish all the sectors anyway? The class buff wouldn’t be helpful anymore. Why wouldn’t you just go for the sector with more GP? Flip it around and require more conversation about strategy and which sectors to start with to earn the right buffs for later sectors.