What Am I When I Am Enemy?

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Perhaps not a question that NG is yet willing to answer:
What about my characters determine what a GW opponent faces if I am randomized to be their team's Enemy in a Sector?


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    Interested in this as well.
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    Me too
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    Still confused as to the question but take a look at the following response from @Kaz regarding defenders in GW.
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    Based on some factors we don't have control of which makes it seem pretty random.
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    @zbot , thank you.
    I have to unpack it a bit.

    But I bet I'd be embarrassed of what the algorithm picks for me.
    Maggie with rocket launcher, Abraham with machine gun (no stun, not like it matters with the AI), and Carol or Michonne with... Um, really good weapons for reducing threat.

    Heheh... Interesting!

    I appreciate the answer!
    MORE DETAILS! This vector of GW could be far more interesting to me than trying to siphon gas.
    I might upgrade the worst of my gold gear just to tweak the algorithm.

    (I couldn't sleep at night if my personal efforts to succeed make it easier to score against my guild.)
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    Well ...mostly Abe,Glenn, Carol
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    @zbot , I read that as the gear is calculated as part of the unit.
    I would like to know at what instant that calculation is made, if I may ask (I prefaced this whole thread by giving y'all an out).
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    For instance, I ran into A LOT of RPGs, which I'd be surprised are 'normal' equipment.
    Perhaps the characters and gear should just be what I brought to my last battle, first mission? In theory, that's my A Team.
    Hmmm... In practice, that could become perverse: everyone would do their first mission with their weakest.

    Jeez... Hard to consider.
    Most used characters and gear in battles, period? Ties in the count go to combos that win missions?

    I'm seriously unsure how the heck to be fair while avoiding perverse 'hacking' of any given approach. I don't envy the devs on this one. :-D
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    I saw a lot of Abe, Daryl and Dwight. Some RPGs and a lot of incendiary rifles.
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    I reread the Kaz post, and I think he means:
    * Top Three Characters (by mystifying math. For example, I have characters with giant stats but no badges, because I don't use them in my day to day. And my experience with their sorting algorithm is that it cannot calculate the value of traits.)
    * Top Gear For That Class (in descending order? Again: unable to calculate trait effects? Will my team carry un-upgraded 24 gear that has the same damage or armor as my 22-level, upgraded gear with the same base numbers but with significant trait effects?)

    Again: I do not envy the devs on this fairness calculation. Which is why I've posted about using the player's own choices... against them.
    Simply using max-min math is way too easy to pervert (vidilicit my evil idea to upgrade crap gear to get it chosen as "best" by the numbers).