I’ve seen a lot of complaining about the GWs. Personally I want to say thanks. It’s was a lot of fun, something new and challenging. Give it some time to work out the bugs. Looking forward to next weekends wars.


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    +1 !

    I had a great time playing GW. Thank you for bringing us a fun, new game mode!
  • DirtyB696
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    Agreed the new style is great and certain you will tweak it with updates and will only get better. Thanks!
  • Kwansa
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    My guild and me we love GWs! Thank you for that new feature.
    My teammates and I had a lot of fun doing the missions and chatting about strategies.
    So from us a big YES to GW!

    Just wipe out the bugs and problems :*
  • valereee
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    I really liked it too! I got bored a few months back and stopped playing other than to occasionally collect tomatoes to do the new upgrades in case I ever did want to play again. Guild Wars has me interested again, although I suspect that unless the gas prices are PROFOUNDLY changed, I won't be much of a contributor for my guild. Probably play my 5 missions x 6 keys per weekend.
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  • DrUnpleasant
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    Yeah, very much enjoyed Guild Wars - thanks NG for investing in a new game mode when some people were suggesting NML was going into 'end of life'. Sure, there were a few bugs but actually I think everything worked surprisingly well for such a major release.
  • TransmuteJun
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    I really enjoyed it, which is why I am giving feedback. I would love to play it more. Lowering the minimum player requirement and providing more red gas would help me play GW more.
  • nico1933
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    and lets us have some kind of way to interact with our guild during the battles, without leaving the fight
    Otherwise I fell like the old tnaks in WWI that had pigeons to send mesages