Really frustrating final battle

I was down to the last 10 minutes, hurrying to get everything done as quickly as possible. I finished a room and it said I'd located the enemy. So I clicked that room and the screen came up with the names of the opponents. And then nothing. After 30 seconds without getting the continue button, I restarted the game.

After the restart I selected that room again and the same thing happened, and then a third time.

So after the restart I chose a different room and was able to complete it. Except then the game crashed and restarted, and I had to redo the last two turns to finish out that room again. In the next room the game froze again and I had to restart it yet again. This time I was able to finish but only after time ran out. So I lost all of the GW points for that room. Arrggh.

That battle was the only time I ran into those problems in the 5 battles I participated in. But it's extremely frustrating when the game keeps crashing and you spend more time restarting and waiting than actually playing. I netted a grand total of 54 pts for that battle. [Sigh]

No screenshots, unfortunately. At the time, I was focused on getting the game restarted as quickly as possible and completing those rooms, not on documenting bugs.