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Hi NG,

How does the scoring system actually work? Let’s use the 1st stage as example which has 3 human enemies and 4 missions under each human enemy.

If my guild managed to clear this stage in the shortest time possible, completing 6 missions (1 normal & 1 human under each human enemy), will I be getting lesser war points as compared to completing all 12 missions before clearing the stage?

Secondly, does the AI select only 3 survivors from each player in the opposing guild? The screenshot that I attached seemed to imply that 6 survivors are selected from the same opposing player or will the same 3 top survivors from this player be found across board?

Appreciate a reply, thanks.


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    You will get less vp because you've played less missions but also used less of your precious red gas, now you can move onto junkyard where each mission is worth more vp points and with more gas should be able to earn more vp than completeing all 6 in forest.
    No idea about the human enemies though.
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    I hope that is true but let’s hear it from NG.
    Our last two battles ended in defeat and the pace of the opposing guild was so fast so I suspect they are clearing missions instead of stages, hence winning the battle.
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    Hi @kaz @Shteevie
    Any answers here?
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    I read through a lot of the discussions but couldn't find an answer to this.

    My guild is made up of a wide range of levels from 35 to 65. When we initiate a battle how does the system match us up so that the 65s are challenged and the 35s stand a chance beating the opponent. I saw some factors but didn't fully understand them. Do lower level players get a boost to make them equivalent to what ever level they face in the battle?