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Can you PLEASE make it so only 1 player can enter a fight at a time? So tired of seeing, "completed by X player AND OTHERS". Huge waste of gas and time.


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    I thought that meant the section was completed by more than one person, not an individual map. Hard to tell racing through to complete maps asap, but that's what I thought.
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    It actually pops up and says this map is being completed by XXX. Then you have to select Continue or Find a new map
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    Yup it would be nice to have but there have been instances where I saw myself in the pop up telling me that I'm in the map. In that case the map would be locked and no way to advance (if the human enemy was in there). I would rather avoid that issue. For now, that's part of the strategy involved, even though it's a timed event, it works out better when players start GW staggered. Also coming up with who handles what part of the map etc before it starts helps too.

    First part has two sections, three human enemies (Left Center Right), 4 maps. Second part has 3 sections, X human enemies (Left Center Right), 6 maps. Third part has 5 sections, X human enemies (Left Center Right), 6 maps. The max players is 10 so there should be little or no overlap.

    Also our guild has a rule, unless you found the human enemy, don't touch. No sniping rule.