Suggestion: Second battle queue

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My thought is to add a second queue for the build up to a battle.

Active Queue: This will be mostly like the current battle queue set up, 7-10 (or whatever decided upon number range) of players being listed as having joined the battle. The only change to this queue is that only players online can be in this queue. If you log out or are disconnected, the game drops you out of this queue. You would have to re-join the battle if you log back in.

Support Queue: This new queue is where a number of players (my thought was a maximum of 5) could sign up. Those in this queue would be added to the number of players in the Active Queue to determine the total number of players available to initiate the battle. These players do not participate in the battle, they are only there to provide a head count. These players could either be off line or on line, but because of any number of reasons cannot commit to 50 minutes of continuous playing. Those in this queue would not lose a key if they are online and a battle starts while they are in this queue.

While in the Support Queue, those players would receive 1 GW Gas for every full hour they are in this queue, up to a predetermined maximum (my thought was 5 or 6). Though players can continue to reside in this queue longer, they would not receive the bonus GW Gas beyond the maximum.

Players in the Support Queue will be removed from it as more players join the Active Queue and push the total to above the maximum allowed. Those in the Support Queue the longest, will be the first removed.

For example, using current maximums, assume there are 4 players in the Active Queue and 5 players in the Support Queue, providing a total head count of 9, allowing the guild to go to battle. Let's say 10 minutes into the battle, 2 more guild members join the Active Queue and jump into the battle. This would bring the total head count to 11, and would then remove the player who's been in the Support Queue the longest.

This would help address the concerns of guilds with world spanning membership and the issues of having inactives helping out the guild, but blocking out those who join late. It provides a minor boon to those in the Support Queue to allow them to accumulate some additional GW Gas to help out when they can be more active. And it allows those who cannot devote a continuous block of time to playing, but still can be on to play in shorter spans a way to help out their guild and not be penalized (i.e. being docked a key if you joined the battle and are online when the battle starts) for doing so.

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